• 29 October, 2021
Nicotine - Here's What You Should Know About Addictive Agent

Nicotine addiction is the second leading cause of death worldwide. The abusive potential of tobacco is due to the presence of nicotine.

  • 27 October, 2021
Dentin Hypersensitivity - Theories, Causes and Management

Exaggerated response of the tooth to hot, cold or stream of air can be described as dentin hypersensitivity of the tooth.

  • 26 October, 2021
Remineralization of Teeth - Various Agents and Methods

Remineralization process is a repair mechanism to restore the minerals again, in ionic forms, to the hydroxyapatite (HAP) crystal lattice.

  • 25 October, 2021
Plaque in Oral Cavity - Formation, Sites and Management

Dental plaque is composed of numerous bacteria, food debris. They can adhere to tooth surfaces and cause dental caries and gum diseases.

  • 25 October, 2021
Caries Detection and Diagnosis - A Short Notes

Diagnosing every stages of caries plays an important role in halting disease process. There are many many aids in diagnosing caries.

  • 12 October, 2021
Pain - An Insight Into Theoretical Concept

Pain is one of the most common chief complaint of the patient which makes the person walk into a dental clinic. Read more.

  • 2 October, 2021
Fluorescence Based Methods of Oral Cancer Detection

Fluorescence based methods of oral cancer detection can be easily performed, which can aid in early diagnosis and treatment. Read more.

  • 1 October, 2021
Syndromes Involving Oral Cavity - A Quick Insight

Syndrome are group of symptoms which consistently occur together, or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms. Read more.

  • 29 July, 2021
Dr. R Ahmed - Must Know Facts about Father of Modern Dentistry in India

History of Dentistry in India is glorious. With the contribution from stalwarts like Dr. R Ahmed, today Dentistry in India has grown.

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