Upcoming Webinars

  • 5 July,2022
What after BDS

Study options for foreign graduates in USA and Canada

  • 10 July,2022
Laboratory procedures in Cast Partial Denture

This webinar bring about the clear awareness about the Cast Partial Denture is one of the technique for restoring the lost teeth

  • 16 July,2022
Periodontal disease and systemic conditions: a bidirectional relationship

This webinar brings awareness about the inter relationships of periodontal disease and other systemic conditions

  • 24 July,2022
Retention in Orthodontics- Tips and Tricks for successful retention

The importance of retention after orthodontic treatment, indications of various types of retention

  • 7 August,2022
Simplifying Pocket Elimination

Treatment of periodontal pockets- the root cause behind periodontitis

  • 13 August,2022
Treating primary incisors- Let’s add shine to those tiny smiles

Treatment of primary incisors through conservative, endodontic and aesthetic means.

  • 28 August,2022
Fourth Dimesion In Orthodontics : Why Timing Is Important

Orthodontics or braces treatment can be done at All ages while growing ages offer maximum predictability with stable results.

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Past Webinars

  • 6 February,2022
Wisdom About Wisdom Tooth

Learn about the basics and advanced theory on impacted wisdom teeth.

  • 6 February,2022
Communication – The Key To A Successful Dental Practice

We’re going to look at some keys to effective communication with your patients, why communication is important, and what you can do even to improve communicatio

  • 2 February,2022
Zirconia – A Leap Ahead (Dental Lab Technician’s Point Of View)

Learn about the zirconia crowns and their advantages over others.

  • 26 January,2022
Zirconia – A Leap Ahead (Dental Practitioner Point Of View)

Learn about the zirconia crowns and their advantages over others.

  • 22 January,2022
Forensic Dentistry And Law

Learn about the legal aspects involved in forensic dentistry.

  • 8 January,2022
Bone Grafting In Implant Dentistry

Learn more about bone grafting during implant procedures : bone grafting materials and surgical techniques.

  • 7 January,2022
A Good Call For Extraction Or Non-extraction Therapy In Orthodontics

Learn more about tooth extractions in orthodontics : when and why?


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