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  • 31 May, 2022

Tooth gems-Smile like a star


Authour: Dr Aparna Pandya (Mrs. India Vivacious2019)

“Life isn’t perfect but your jewellery can be, and what is better than a sparkle when you smile.” So the next time your patient asks for a sparkling smile, here is what you can give-Tooth jewellery. It is simply the procedure of placing individual jewels onto the labial surface of the teeth.

There are mainly two types of tooth jewels:


These are a collection of yellow and white gold jewellery with some including gems such as diamonds.

2.Dental gems

In this case a range of glass crystals are fixed to the tooth.

A little diamond or precious metal can be bonded to a tooth and it can either be there temporarily or permanently. Hence, it is 100 % reversible. Patient can have his birthstone, his preferred colour, or an appeal that speaks to a hobby or component of his personality.

Risks of tooth jewellery

Having a jewel stuck onto the surface of your tooth can cause serious damage as the area of the tooth underneath the gem is impossible to clean and can become damaged.  Without daily cleaning, a ‘plaque trap’ can develop, leading to a build-up of bacteria.  Over time this can cause tooth decay and tooth loss.

Even when carried out by a fully trained dental professional, there are still risks associated with having tooth jewellery.  The treatment could make it more difficult for you to maintain the health of your mouth and leave you with long-lasting or permanent damage.

Removing tooth jewellery

Tooth jewellery can feel uncomfortable as it may rub against the lips, cheeks, or gums causing lacerations and injury to the soft oral mucosa.

If the patient complains of discomfort or pain because of the tooth jewellery, it is a sign that it needs to be removed.

Always encourage and educate the patients to never attempt to remove a tooth jewel on their own since attempting to remove it without dental supervision could cause permanent and painful side effects.

How Long can a Tooth Jewellery Last?

Tooth jewellery or gem applied by the dental professionals on a natural tooth will remain on until the patient chooses to have it removed again. On an average it will absolutely continue to remain for 6 months up to a couple of years.

What is the thickness of Tooth jewel ?

These jewelleries or gems are just 0.4 mm or 0.9 mm thick and 1.8 mm to 3 mm wide. At first the patient may feel something on the tooth, yet a couple of days after the application they get used to it.


People are getting bolder and are constantly experimenting with various procedures . As dentists offering as many options as possible helps with the versatility of the dentist. Dental jewellery helps to to glorify the smile of your patients and help them make  a style statement and to be unique in the crowd.


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