Upcoming Webinars

  • 3 June,2023
Starting Out In Implantology: Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid

Tips and trick to be better in Implantology and avoid any mistakes

  • 8 June,2023
Implant Impression

Techniques reproducing the position of implant abutment by implant impressions

  • 16 June,2023
Rehabilitation of resorbed ridges

Tips and Tricks for rehabilitation of Resorbed Ridges for ultimate patient satisfaction.

  • 21 June,2023
Postmortem Dental Profiling

The postmortem dental profiling to narrow the search for ante mortem records of the unknown person.

  • 23 June,2023
Universal Surgical Guide

Universal surgical guide to determine the potential intra oral Implant sites with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

  • 27 June,2023
Lasers A Magical Wand In Dentistry

Understanding the basics of Lasers and Application of Soft Tissue Laser In Dental Practice

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Past Webinars

  • 26 May,2023
Veneers- instant dazzling smile makeover

Instant smile makeover by Veneers improve aesthetics and confidence.

  • 24 May,2023
Role of platelet concentrates in periodontal surgery

Platelets play a pivotal role in repair and regeneration & their application periodontal surgery has improved the treatment outcomes.

  • 19 May,2023
Infection Control in Dental Clinics

Infection control in dental clinics to prevent spread of diseases like COVID 19, Hepatitis B, C and HIV from patient to doctor and vice versa.

  • 17 May,2023
Lasers in everyday clinical practice.

Upscale your clinical knowledge on lasers and incorporate it everyday in your practice.

  • 5 May,2023
A BDS Practice

An interactive session on how a budding Dentist (BDS) grows into the world of Dentistry.

  • 30 April,2023
Orthognatic Surgery And Its Relation To Postural Change

Learn about the impact of orthognatic surgery on the body posture.

  • 29 April,2023
Orthodontics - more than just straight teeth

Learn more about orthodontics and its important role in other dentistry fields.

  • 25 April,2023
Opportunities in UK for an overseas dentist

Insights to the various options available in dental field of UK for an overseas dental professional

  • 19 April,2023
Oral Cancer: Diagnosis and Management

A deep look into Oral Cancer. Understand better the etiology, clinical features, Diagnostic methods, Management and it's Complications.