Upcoming Webinars

  • 14 April,2024
Importance of Jaw Relation on Establishment of Oral Health in Partial and Completely Edentulous Persons

Balancing tooth surface loss and facial height in dental rehabilitation for optimal esthetics and function.

  • 16 April,2024
From Teeth to Truth: The Role of Forensic Dentistry in Justice

Explores how the unique characteristics of dental evidence serve as invaluable tools in solving crimes & delivering justice.

  • 26 April,2024
Exploring Oral Pathology -A beginner's Guide

This lecture will help by providing suggestions and techniques for acing the post-graduation journey.

  • 27 April,2024
Broken Instrument retrieval-Tips and tricks

Retrieve broken instruments in endodontics using techniques like ultrasonics, microscopes, and specialized retrieval kits for efficient and safe removal.

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Past Webinars

  • 7 April,2024
Dental Dams Demystified: Expert Troubleshooting Tips for Success

Unlock the Secrets of Seamless Dentistry: Join our exclusive webinar on 'Rubber Dam Troubleshooting Tips.

  • 6 April,2024
Access Cavity Preparation in Endodontics

Treatment approach to root canal by different methods of access cavity preparation

  • 5 April,2024
FutureBite: Unveiling Tomorrow's Dentistry

Join us for FutureBite: Unveiling Tomorrow's Dentistry,' a captivating webinar exploring the forefront of dental innovation.

  • 1 April,2024
Latent Spaces in Head and Neck

Fascial spaces in head and neck region

  • 24 March,2024
The Enigma of Wisdom Teeth Management

This lecture will emphasize the importance of surgical anatomy and the management of impacted third molars.

  • 24 March,2024
Aligner Alchemy: Demystifying the Magic Behind Straight Smiles

To demystify aligner treatments with professional guidance by making orthodontic concepts simplified

  • 23 March,2024
Stress-Reduced Direct Composite Restorations: Tips And Techniques

Stress-Reduced Direct Composite (SRDC) is a combination of evidence-based protocols, techniques, and materials.

  • 17 March,2024
Hypochlorite Accident: Unwanted Outcome

This webinar will emphasize completely on sodium hypochlorite accident.

  • 17 March,2024
Tips for Layering Class IV Restorations

One simple Protocol to overcome the most frequent failures of Class 4.