Upcoming Webinars

  • 27 September,2023
Orthodontic Practice: Changing Trends

The latest trends in orthodontics and their scope in future. Learn to keep your patients updated on the newer technology.

  • 28 September,2023
Artificial Intelligence in Periodontics-A dip in future

Artificial Intelligence(AI) for improved quality of diagnosis and early detection of disease

  • 3 October,2023
Unlocking Full mouth rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation is a dynamic functional endeavor & it embodies the correlation & integration of all component parts into a functioning unit.

  • 5 October,2023
Clear Aligners in Orthodontics

Invisible braces have revolutionized the orthodontics as a whole.

  • 7 October,2023
Public Health after Dentistry: Scope and Challenges

Non-clinical career options after BDS in, scope & challenges in India.

  • 9 October,2023
Smile perfection : The art of aesthetic implantology

Esthetics & smile designing in implant dentistry as per patients facial features.

  • 25 October,2023
7 Common Money Mistakes made by UG Dental Students

Financial guide for young and fresh dental graduates and clinicians. Valuable tips to avoid financial mistakes

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Past Webinars

  • 24 September,2023
Role of Business education in Dentistry

Business education equips dental professionals with financial management, marketing, & leadership skills, enabling them to efficiently run a practice.

  • 21 September,2023
Financial Independence and Entrepreneurship as an undergraduate dental student

Discussing a unique undergraduate journey, talking about dovetailing academics, entrepreneurship and freelancing.

  • 21 September,2023
How to incorporate soft tissue grafts in your practice

Choosing a right soft tissue graft from available Biomaterials and using the right instruments for better results

  • 17 September,2023
Suturing in Implant dentistry | World Implant Expo 2023

Different suturing methods & materials for closing surgical site in implant dentistry

  • 12 September,2023
Acing NEET MDS exam: Insider Tips and Strategies

The NEET MDS exam is a critical stepping stone for dental graduates seeking to admission in renowned postgraduate dental programs.

  • 3 September,2023
Precision Vision: A practical guide to Dental Loupe selection | World Implant Expo

Selecting the right dental loupe and providing better precision and quality to the patient

  • 1 September,2023
”The Art and Science of Dental Aesthetics: Enhancing Facial Beauty and Confident Smiles”

Where dentistry meets aesthetics: Redefining smiles and rejuvenating faces through the art and science of facial aesthetics.

  • 27 August,2023
Available biomaterials for optimal bone regeneration choosing right from wrong | World Implant Expo 2023

Choosing the best bone regeneration biomaterial from a wide range available in the market depending on the case