Pediatric Dentistry


  • 9 August, 2022
Everything about your baby’s oral care

Teething is a natural process which starts at around 6 months.

  • 18 October, 2022
What you need to know about Pit and Fissure Sealant

A great way to protect teeth from decay are Sealants.

  • 2 November, 2022
Down syndrome and oral health- the must knows!

Oral health maintenance in down syndrome is critical, but manageable. Regular and timely dental interventions can help them lead a healthy life.


  • 18 September,2022
Behaviour Management Strategies in Children : A Practical Approach

Learn to manage children according to their behavior, fears and administer anesthesia.

  • 15 January,2023
Pediatric Dentistry simplified for General dental practitioners

Learn about behavior management, restorative therapy, and endodontics in pediatric patients

  • 20 July,2023
Pediatric Endodontics

This topic includes need for pulp therapy for pediatric patients And various modalities.

  • 22 August,2023
Child Psychology

Events and milestones in dental and psychological development in children

  • 1 October,2023
Fluoride application in pediatric dentistry

Role of fluoride in deciduous teeth & latest advancements in caries prevention

  • 3 March,2024
Early Childhood Caries”-Responsibility of Dentists- Diagosis and promt treatment

Early Childhood Caries (ECC) is most common chronic disease of childhood (more common than obesity and asthma).