• 29 June, 2022
Aggressive Periodontitis

Aggressive periodontitis is frequently characterised by a rapid loss of periodontal attachment in young individuals

  • 23 August, 2022
Gingival Recession-loosing pink aesthetics

Gingival recession occurs as a result of gingival tissue moves away from the cement enamel junction as a result of which exposing the roots underneath.


  • 16 July,2022
Periodontal disease and systemic conditions: a bidirectional relationship

This webinar brings awareness about the inter relationships of periodontal disease and other systemic conditions

  • 7 August,2022
Simplifying Pocket Elimination

Treatment of periodontal pockets- the root cause behind periodontitis

  • 14 August,2022
Periodontics Its much beyond just Scaling

Scope of many periodontal treatments in a patients which might be routinely missed out and can cause a lot of endodontic and prosthodontic failures

  • 18 August,2022
Optimizing Mechanical Plaque Control – Evidence Based Approach for Clinical Practice

An insight into current trends and evidences on mechanical plaque control measures for dental biofilm management.

  • 7 January,2023
The Foundation of Dental Implants: A Periodontal Perspective

Periodontal stability around implant is the key to success, with preoperative diagnosis and prognosis being the critical factors.

  • 20 December,2022
Gingival recession and root coverage procedures

Learn about gingival recession and the root coverage procedures

  • 23 March,2023
Integration of laser into future practice

Soft tissue laser, its advantages, indications and tissue interaction.

  • 17 May,2023
Lasers in everyday clinical practice.

Upscale your clinical knowledge on lasers and incorporate it everyday in your practice.

  • 24 May,2023
Role of platelet concentrates in periodontal surgery

Platelets play a pivotal role in repair and regeneration & their application periodontal surgery has improved the treatment outcomes.

  • 9 August,2023
Impact of periodontitis on diabetes and pregnancy

Affects of diabetes or pregnancy on periodontal problems

  • 1 December,2023
Artificial Intelligence in Periodontics-A dip in future

Artificial Intelligence(AI) for improved quality of diagnosis and early detection of disease

  • 21 September,2023
How to incorporate soft tissue grafts in your practice

Choosing a right soft tissue graft from available Biomaterials and using the right instruments for better results

  • 9 November,2023
Gummy smile: A schematic approach .

A schematic approach in gummy smile management according to the most affecting etiologic factors.

  • 13 December,2023
Low level laser therapy in periodontology

Treatment approach by low level lasers in periodontics

  • 26 January,2024
Peri-implant Keratinized mucosa & its significance- An overview

To understand the various surgical interventions and grafting materials to augment the peri-implant keratinized mucosa

  • 12 February,2024
GeneticsRole in Causation of Periodontal Diseases Are you Aware or Confused...?

Genetics can be referred as “The Dichotomy of two Sword” do you agree..?