• 5 days ago
Introduction to AI in Dentistry

Explore the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in enhancing dental diagnostics, treatment planning & patient care.

  • 5 days ago
Exploring Temporomandibular Joint Pain-Diagnosis and Management

Early identification & management of TMJ pain can help individuals to lead a pain free lifestyle

  • 6 days ago
Introduction and Importance Of Research in Medicine

This session is meant to enhance the knowledge and importance of research. This session will build a research background from scratch and to form a strong

  • 1 week ago
GeneticsRole in Causation of Periodontal Diseases Are you Aware or Confused...?

Genetics can be referred as “The Dichotomy of two Sword” do you agree..?

  • 1 week ago
Don’t wait until it hurts. Adopting the right working postures

The dark and narrow space in the oral cavity can cause dental practitioners to adopt an unnatural posture during dental treatment.

  • 1 week ago
National Oral Health Policy

A National Oral Health Policy reflects a commitment to improving oral health outcomes and reducing the burden of oral diseases on society.

  • 1 week ago
Orthodontics beyond wire bending – Change the perspective

The word orthodontics and wire bending are often used as synonyms. These impacts the private practice later.

  • 2 weeks ago
Success Mantra Of Implant Impression ?

Implant prosthodontics is the most cumbersome procedure to perform as well as difficult to understand for various patient-specific cases

  • 4 weeks ago
Peri-implant Keratinized mucosa & its significance- An overview.

To understand the various surgical interventions and grafting materials to augment the peri-implant keratinized mucosa