• 1 week ago
Acing NEET MDS exam: Insider Tips and Strategies |Recorded Video

The NEET MDS exam is a critical stepping stone for dental graduates seeking to admission in renowned postgraduate dental programs.

  • 2 weeks ago
”The Art and Science of Dental Aesthetics: Enhancing Facial Beauty and Confident Smiles” |Recorded Video

Where dentistry meets aesthetics: Redefining smiles and rejuvenating faces through the art and science of facial aesthetics.

  • 3 weeks ago
Oral Submucous fibrosis (OSMF) -An update on the diagnosis and management |Recorded Video

A deep look into Oral Submucous Fibrosis, a potentially malignant disorder. Understand better- the etiology, clinical features & treatment options

  • 3 weeks ago
Psychology in dentistry- A tour into the patients mind |Recorded Video

Basic psychological concept to improve your patient understanding.

  • 4 weeks ago
The Tobacco cessation and control programme (via clinicians eye) |Recorded Video

Tobacco cessation programmes are vital for cancer prevention

  • 4 weeks ago
Osteoradionecrosis – An Update |Recorded Video

Osteoradionecrosis is an old but constantly evolving problem – tune in to learn about the newer aspects in diagnosis and management

  • 1 month ago
Child psychology |Recorded Video

Events and milestones in dental and psychological development in children

  • 1 month ago
Integration of laser into future practice |Recorded Video

soft tissue laser, its advantages, indications and tissue interaction.

  • 1 month ago
Infection Control in Dental Clinics |Recorded Video

Infection control in dental clinics to prevent spread of diseases like COVID 19, Hepatitis B, C and HIV from patient to doctor and vice versa.