Upcoming Events

  • 21 July,2024
Workshop On Forensic Odontology

Explore the fundamentals and applications of forensic odontology in this comprehensive workshop

  • 26 July,2024
3 D Treatment Planning & Reverse Engineering in Daily Dentistry

Explore the future of digital dentistry with advanced 3D planning and natural restorations in our insightful webinar.

  • 27 July,2024
Hyderabad Dental Show 2024

Join us at the Hyderabad Dental Show and be a part of this dynamic event shaping the future of dentistry!

  • 28 July,2024
Navigating the Path to DDS in the US: Tips, Exams, and University Admissions

Don't miss this chance to embark on your journey toward practicing dentistry in the U.S. confidently!

  • 29 July,2024
Occlusion & TMD Hedge one's Bets

Prosthesis occlusion, and how to maintain a healthy stomatognatic system.

  • 2 August,2024
From Beam to Benefit: Exploring Laser Applications in Dentistry

Dental laser technology, now integral in daily practice, has revolutionized dentistry, elevating patient expectations for cutting-edge treatment.

  • 2 August,2024
Beyond Smiles: Facial Aesthetics for Dentist

Transform your practice with expert insights on facial aesthetics

  • 3 August,2024
Kodex 2024 | Kongu Dental Exhibition

Kodex 2024 bridges the Traders and Doctor’s in the field of Oral and Dental Industry to Explore Incessant Business Opportunities.

  • 4 August,2024
Precision in Implantology: The Art of Bone Control

Join our 2-hour webinar for expert insights on GBR procedures and sinus manipulations, empowering you to confidently implement GBR in your practice.

  • 9 August,2024
2nd Global Conference on Basal Implantology 2024

Welcome to New Delhi, India and to the 2nd Global Conference On Basal Implantology And 3rd International Congress On Cortico Basal Implantology 2024

  • 9 August,2024
White lesions of the oral cavity

Explore the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of white lesions in the oral cavity with expert insights at this comprehensive event.

  • 10 August,2024
Unlock Your Australian Dental Career Dreams

Unlock Your Australian Dental Career," and discover how to navigate opportunities in Australia and maximize your professional growth.

  • 18 August,2024
Immediacy with Single Tooth to Full Mouth Implant Restorations-Transitioning from Analogue to Digital

Explore the seamless transition from analogue to digital in single tooth to full mouth implant restorations for immediate results

  • 25 August,2024
Al Driven Implantology with Digital Denture | 1 Day Workshop

Empower Your Future- Discover Your Professional Success In Digital Dentistry At Our Comprehensive Career Enhancement Workshop

  • 30 August,2024
Master Class On All On 4 | With Live Patient Hands On

Join our comprehensive Master Class on All-on-4 dental implant technique, featuring live patient hands-on experience.

  • 31 August,2024
Dental Show 2024 | Chennai

Explore the latest innovations in dental technology and services featuring over 250 stalls from leading industry brands.

  • 24 October,2024
Milan 2024 | Details make Perfection

The European Association for Osseointegration is delighted to announce that its 2024 annual congress will be held in Milan from 24 to 26 October 2024.

  • 24 October,2024
Makkah International Dental Conference and Exhibition 2024

An Exceptional Platform that Provides the Latest Scientific Information and Innovations in the Field of Dentistry

  • 25 October,2024
World Congress of Immediate Loading Implantology 2024

COME AND JOIN US! We cordially invite you to the World Congress of Immediate Loading Implantology 2024.

  • 8 November,2024
6th Global AAID & 12th WCOI Conference -2024

Shaping the Future: Trends & Insights in Dental Implants from Vision to Reality

  • 15 November,2024
CAD/CAM Digital & Oral Facial Aesthetics 37th Int’l Dental Confex

On 15-16 November 2024, CAPP will host the CAD/CAM Digital & Oral Facial Aesthetics 37th Int’l Dental ConfEx

  • 4 February,2025
AEEDC 2025 | A Global Platform for the Dental World |29th Edition

AEEDC Dubai continues its tradition of bringing together the suppliers and buyers to conduct serious business and learn new techniques.

  • 14 February,2025
Apec Dhaka 2025

The 23rd Scientific Congress of Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation

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Past Events

  • 21 July,2024
What next after BDS? A practical career guidance.

Post BDS everyone is looking for a guidance as to what is the best way forward, this will help you give an idea.

  • 14 July,2024
Implant Occlusion – The Right Way

Implant Protected Occlusion is a very important criteria to obtain an improved longevity of both the dental implant and the prosthesis

  • 13 July,2024
2 Day Guided Implant Surgery Workshop |Hyderabad

Join our comprehensive workshop designed to elevate your skills in guided implant surgery

  • 12 July,2024
Navigating Dentistry in the U.S after BDS in India: Your Comprehensive guide

Participants will gain valuable insights and guidance to successfully navigate this career path.

  • 11 July,2024
Cortico - Basal Implantology Course | 3 Days of Extensive Course

Bicortical Immediate Solutions| One Piece & Multi-Unit Special Design Implants

  • 7 July,2024
Principals of Radiographic interpretation

It enables the dental professional to play vital role in the detection

  • 7 July,2024
Prevent and Prepare: Introduction to Preventive Dentistry for Children

Use of regular application of dental fluorides helps protect children's teeth by strengthening enamel and preventing cavities.

  • 5 July,2024
Surgical Awareness And Pitfals | Role Of Surgical Anatomy And Radiology In Cortico-Basal Implantology

Unveiling the pivotal role of surgical anatomy and radiology in navigating pitfalls in cortico-basal implantology.