IAA x Agnini Game Changers

We're thrilled to announce three days of Education and Fun! On the first day, we'll embark on an exciting visit to the Ferrari factory, featuring a guided tour, F1 Pit Stop Experience, and F1 Simulator experience.

Following this thrilling adventure, we'll delve into the Digital Implant Surgical and Prosthetic Workflow. The first day will be led by Gluckman, and the second day will be led by our team.

Join us for an unforgettable experience combining education and excitement!

A game-changing experience.  Enjoy the picturesque city of Modena, Italy. In true Italian style, we start off the trip with lectures by the Agnini Brothers, and Prof Gluckman, we enjoy a Ferrari experience and incredible Italian feasts! What better way to learn that with great people, good food, and fast cars! Travel and learn with us, with an all-inclusive package!

Fee:3300 Euros, flights, hotels, meals and course included!!

Agnini Brothers:

Management of the anterior esthetics: surgical, prosthetic and digital rationale

The lecture will emphasize on identifying the risk factors to successful esthetic outcomes specific to tooth replacement within the Esthetic Zone. Specifically, the prosthetic fundamentals will be highlighted as well as developing appropriate solutions to overcome multiple adjacent teeth replacement. A clear blueprint will be outlined which will incorporate digital and biomaterial technology synergistically with tailor mode surgical protocols to overcome esthetic challenges and predictably achieve successful results. In addition, specific guidelines for the utilization of new technologies and applications for future enhancement will be outlined

Prof Gluckman:

Partial Extraction therapies

The loss of teeth will lead to resorbtion of the buccal plate with its resultant need for extensive augmentative procedures (both bone and soft tissue) as well as the risk of poor long term aesthetic stability. Partial Extraction Therapies (PET) are techniques that allow us to maintain the buccal bone plate and hence prevent the collapse of the alveolar bone creating a platform for ideal soft tissue and bone which is stable in the long term. This is a greater problem in the aesthetic areas. This lecture will take you through the different options with regards to immediate implant placement as well as the most cutting edge PET in a step-by-step fashion

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Venue: Modena, Italy

Date:14th & 17th March 2024

General Dentistry
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Prosthetic Workflow Digital Implant Surgical Dr. Andrea Mastrorosa Agnini Dr. Alessandro Agnini Prof Gluckman implant & aesthetic academy courses Digital Implant
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In Person
  Start Date

14 March, 2024 09:00 am

  End Date

17 March, 2024 06:00 pm



  Organized By

Implant and Aesthetic Academy


Modena, Italy



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