International Fellowship of Academy of Laser Dentistry

Inviting you to the International Fellowship of Academy of Laser Dentistry

A chance to learn from world renowned laser dentists

8 Modules , 80 Hours of Virtual Live Learning ,48 Hours of Practical Training & Clinical Cases

About the Academy of Laser Dentistry :

Founded in 1993 following the merger of three societies, the Academy of Laser Dentistry is the largest international organization devoted to laser dentistry. Its members include general dentists, paediatric dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, hygienists, and others interested in the field of laser dentistry. Our membership also includes many commercial manufacturers of lasers, laser accessories and high-tech products.

The Academy is committed to oral health through laser technology. ALD is devoted to clinical education, research and the development of standards and guidelines for the safe and effective use of laser technology. Through our educational offerings and credentialing program, we provide valuable expertise in the field of lasers in dentistry-expertise that ultimately benefits the patient’s dentists serve. We are improving patient’s health and wellbeing, every day. This is our mission; it's simple.

We are embarking upon a celebration of 25 years in 2018. There has never been a more exciting time in laser dentistry. The advances in technology and techniques that have occurred, and those we are currently exploring, are making laser dentistry more sophisticated and successful, bringing it to the forefront of the dental field.

About the International Fellowship of Academy of Laser Dentistry – ALD:

The Academy provides a certified international postgraduate educational program in laser dentistry. Laser users will be trained in a 26 days’ program in all fields of laser dentistry.  This intensive laser dentistry program meets  the  curriculum  guidelines  and  standards  for  dental  laser  education  to  gain  accredited Continual  Professional  Development  (CPD)  hours  by  the  ALD  upon  finishing  the  course  academic  and clinical requirements in addition to the course certificate by the ALD upon passing the course written exam.

Application Requirements for Laser Program:

Applicant must be a licensed dentist, member of ALD, wishing to attain Advanced Proficiency recognition.

Program Structure:

This one academic year course is structured in 26 intensive days, 8 academic modules on monthly basis including the exam. The curriculum of the laser program was created by the ALD Laser speaker bureau in co-operation with the university’s faculty members and experienced practitioners. The program consists of a basic curriculum, clinical seminars that cover all fields of laser dentistry (Endodontics, Periodontology, Conservative Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Paediatric Dentistry, Prevention, Low Level Laser Therapy, laser assisted Plastic Surgery, Pain Control therapy) Seminars presented by prominent dental laser speakers. Dental laser hands-on training on models and animal heads. Surgical and restorative clinical practicing experiences on patients with the various laser wavelengths.

Virtual and Practical Program:

Theoretical Virtual Part: Delivered in live interactive streaming
20 days, 4 days every month - total 5 months
80 hours in total, 4 hours per day

Practical Part: Practical training and clinical cases including viva and written exams, Case presentation, and the graduation
6 days 1 visit,  48 hours in total, 8 hours per day

The recognised centers for the practical part (ALD Affiliate Study Clubs)

The applicant can choose from one of the following centres:

  • Miami, Florida, USA
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Algiers, Algeria
  • Rome, Italy
  • Krakow, Poland
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Singapore


Assessments consists of written test post each module (20%), clinical simulation exam (30%), and written exam (50%) Assess The total examination passing mark is 60%. The Clinical Simulation exam is administered in person during the last module to test the advanced clinical proficiency using of the dental laser of participant choosing. Candidates should be able to address all the points on the Clinical Simulation Exam grade sheet within a specific time frame. Summative assessment will be carried out via a multiple-choice questionnaire at the end of the course. 100 multiple-choice questions are set on any aspect of the Curriculum Guidelines. This part is administered in a proctored setting at the       last day of the program. There is no limit on the number of times a candidate may apply to sit the exams he/she complies with all parts of the regulations and pay the examination fee at each time.


The delegates will be awarded 128 CPD hours upon successfully completing the program. Upon successfully passing the theory and clinical exams, delegates will be awarded “International Fellowship of Academy of Laser Dentistry” by the ALD

Which courses are offered by the Academy of Laser Dentistry

Participants can choose a course from the below list. To know the structure of the course, download the complete course brochure:

  1. ALD Standard Level Certification Course
  2. Multi Wavelengths Lasers Clinical Practicing in Interdisciplinary Dentistry
  3. Laser Assisted Oral Surgery, Periodontology, and Implantology
  4. Laser Assisted Esthetic Dentistry
  5. Lasers in Restorative Dentistry
  6. Lasers in Pedodontics & Endodontic
  7. Photobiomodulation in Dentistry (Low Level Laser Therapy)
  8. Integration of lasers and Digital in Dentistry

The Final Exam and the Graduation Ceremony

Speakers from all over the globe joining together to give you simply the best course on Lasers in Dentistry:


To know more about the course, download the course brochure
Booklet International Fellowship 2020

To Register for the course, WhatsApp us on + 91 97393 68279


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