Dr. Prof. Vishwas Bhatia

B.D.S, M.D.S Prosthodontics and Implantology

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Dr. Prof. Vishwas Bhatia

B.D.S, M.D.S Prosthodontics and Implantology

Ex-Professor,Dept. of Prosthodontics and ImplantologyI.T.S Dental College,Hospital and Research Centre,Greater Noida,U.P.,India Ex-Assistant Professor-King Khalid University,K.S.A

Objective :

To be a part of an organization where my presence is mutually beneficial and where I can significantly contribute to its progress.

Professional Profile :

  • Director,Signature Dental 32Multispeciality Dental clinic and Implant center, Miracle medi clinic Gurugram,India.
  • Ex-Professor in a reputed Pg Dental College as Prosthodontist and Implantologist .
  • Ex-Assistant Professor,Prosthodontics inKing Khalid University and Hospital , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 10th February 2013 to 22nd August 2015.

Awards :

  • warded Winner “ BEST SCIENTIFIC PRESENTATION ON INNOVATION” at Dentcon Conference ,Dehrdun,India.
  • Awarded Winner “EXCELLENCE IN DENTAL RESEARCH“ and awarded ‘Excellence in Prosthodontics” at Indian Health Professional Awards 2017.
  • Awarded Winner “DENTAL INNOVATION OF THE YEAR” at International Excemplary Research and Performance Awards 2018.
  • AWARD OF APPRECIATIONas faculty from King Khalid University,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • “AMULYA KUMAR MEMORIAL GOLD MEDAL” for displaying academic brilliance and securing the maximum marks in the final B.D.S University Examination 2004 in Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery.
  • “BEST SCIENTIFIC PRESENTATION AND TABLE CLINIC AWARD” as Author & Presenter for the table clinic titled “Modified Stents-A boon for the handicapped” in 34thIPS conference held at Kanniyakumari, from 2nd-5thNovember’ 2006.
  • “AWARD OF HONOUR” for “Outstanding Scientific Paper” as Author & Presenterby IDA Uttaranchal state Student Convention 2006 held at Rishikesh, Uttaranchal on 17thDecember’2006.
  • “AWARD OF HONOUR”by Indian Dental Association,Firozabad,Uttarpradesh.
  • DREAMZ INNOVATION LIMITED EDITOR–An institute for postgraduate exam preparation for dental students.Contributor-Multiple choice questions

Guest Speaker /Key Note Speaker/ Accomplishments :

  • Key Note Speaker at International College of Continuing Dental Education, Singapore, convocation held on 14th October ,2018,New Delhi , India.
  • Key Note Speaker at forthcoming Denasia International Conference, Jaipur ,Rajasthan to be held on 11thto 12th January,2019.
  • Guest Speaker on Topic “ Changing the rules of the game in Implantology”by Dr.Vishwas Bhatia on 14thFeb 2018 at Subharti Dental College Hospital and Research Centre.
  • Key Note Speaker at Dasana InternationalConference,7th October,2018 ,New Delhi ,India
  • Key Note Speaker at International Conference on Cortical Implantology ,Lucknow,UttarPradesh,India in August 2018.
  • Guest Speaker at Indian Dental Association ,Firozabad ,UP,India in October 2018.
  • Scientific Paper at World Congress of Oral Implantology(WCOI Japan), on12-14 Nov 2016,New Delhi.
  • Scientific Paper at Academy of Oral Implantology Conference,AOI, New Delhi in April 2016.
  • Scientific Co-ordinator and Course Faculty for International Certificate course in Oral Implantology by Titu Bucuresti University, Romania.
  • Innovatedvarious intraoral appliances making life easy for handicapped patients.
  • Memberof editorial board and Reviewer for various International/National Journals.Various International and national articles in Pubmed indexed Journals
  • Author of Two textbooks on Prosthodontics.
  • Faculty for Workshop on Direct Sinus lift and Implantplacement, January,2017 at I.T.S Dental College , Greater Noida.
  • Chairperson (Scientific Sessions) / Judgein various International/National Conferences 

Publications :

  • Original Publication-The Split Obturator-An innovative technique –published in Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral surgery(Pub med indexed) (First Author)
  • Publication titled “An innovative metal denture for a 55 year old menopausal woman” in Journal of natural science,biology and medicine(Pubmed indexed) (First Author)
  • Publication titled “25 Year old man with 50 teeth-Astonishing but true!!” in Journal of natural science,biology and medicine(Pubmed indexed) (First Author)
  • Publication titled –“Palliative Care Dentistry-A boon for the elderly” in Journal of Palliative Care and medicine(Pub med indexed) (First Author)
  • Publication titled –“Two Part innovative palatal obturator” in Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society-JIPS(Pub med indexed) (First Author)
  • Publication titled “Medicolegal Aspects of Dental Cases-published in the “Medicolegal Update”Journal(First Author)
  • Publication titled –“Full mouth Rehabilitation of Screw Retained maxillary and Mandibular hybrid Denture”published in National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery(Pub med indexed) (Second Author)
  • Publication titled –“Epstien Bar Virus-A Review” in Journal of Annals of Nigerian Medicine(Second Author)
  • Publication titled “Latest advances in antimortem dental records-a contribution to forensic medicine”-in Journal of forensic medicine and pathology.(First Author)
  • Publication titled “Ozone and its clinical applications-a boon for dentistry” in Indian journal of contemporary dentistry.(First Author)
  • Publication titled “Prosthetic rehabilitation of a 50 year old male patient with a looped metal palate denture-A Case Report” in Serbian dental Journal.(First Author)
  • Publication titled-“Multiple deciduous and succedaneous teeth in a 25 year old adult-A Rare Case” in Indian Journal Of Dental Advancements.(First Author)
  • Publication titled-“Aesthetic rehabilitation of a patient with an anterior maxillectomy defect, using an innovative single‑step, single unit, plastic‑based hollow obturator in Plastic and Esthetic ResearchJournal (First Author)
  • Publication titled-Haemostatic agents in Dentistry-A review” in 

B o o k s :

  • Book titled “Prosthodontics-A Completely Solved Chapterwise Question Bank with explanatory answers”by Dr.Vishwas Bhatia and Dr.Garima Bhatia.
  • Book titled “Implant Supported Overdentures-A boon for edentulous patients” by Dr.Vishwas Bhatia and Garima Bhatia.published by Lambert Academic Publishing(U.S.A)
  • Contributor of the chapter “ Forensic Facial Reconstruction by Vishwas Bhatia” in Textbook titled “Text book of Forensic Odontology “ by Jaypee brothers publication.

Other Scientific Presentations :

  • Author & Presenter for the topic titled “Mastication and Degluttition in Complete Denture Patients”in IDA Uttaranchal state student convention 2006 held at Rishikesh, Uttaranchal on 17thDecember’2006. Won 2ndBest Paper Award.
  • Author & Presenter for the topic titled “Single Complete Dentures –Route to Combination Syndrome-Yes! It can be prevented.” in 9thIPS P.G. Student Convention held at Wardha, from 22nd-24thJune’ 2007.
  • Author & Presenter for the topic titled “Remaining Natural Teeth-A boon or bane!” in 35thIPS conference held at New Delhi, from 6th -11th September’ 2007.
  • Poster Presented on the topic “Special Trays-Understand Them,plan them,just don’t make.”in 9thIPS P.G. Student Convention held at Wardha from 22nd–24th June’ 2007.
  • Author & Presenter for the table clinic titled “Modified Stents-A boon for the handicapped” in 34thIPS Conference held at Kanniyakumari, from 2nd -5th November’ 2006.Won the 1stBest Table Clinic Award.
  • Author & Presenter for the table clinic titled “Endoscopic 

Innovations (New Appliancesmade By Dr.vishwas Bhatia)

Innovator Of :

  • The “Two –part Split Obturator”, an innovative obturator prosthesis that can be used along with ongoing Orthodontic treatment.
  • The “Handy Stent”, an innovative intraoral appliance used by handicapped patients to perform various day to day activities.
  • The “Magnetic hand”,an innovative magnetic appliance to be used by patients with deformed fingers to easy removal and insertion of complete dentures
  • The “Endoscopic splint” ,a prosthodontic contribution to endoscopic procedure,an appliance for easy insertion of endoscopy tube intraorally