Dr. Shallen Verma

MDS (Periodontics)

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Dr. Shallen Verma

MDS (Periodontics)

Summary of Qualifications:

Have a Specialist licence as Periodontist and Implantologist

· Extra ordinary theoretical and practical knowledge in dental surgery with whopping 25+ years of experience in the field, with a huge database of patients.

· Immense exposure to thousands of varied cases including Implants, Bone grafting, full mouth rehabilitation, etc.

· Rapid grasping of the exact abnormality through case reports and expertise in devising precise and efficient surgeries/solutions for it

· Great work coordination with co-surgeons in team performances

· Expertise in handling manual and automated tools and instructing the subordinate teams.

· Special expertise in establishing new departments.


Professional Experience:

Current Assignment:

Specialist Dentist and Implantologist in Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai

Previous Assignments:

Specialist Implantologist and Periodontist in Mediclinic Deira and visiting Specialist in Welcare hospital and Parkview hospital, Dubai.

Adjunct faculty In Department of Periodontics, Saveetha Dental College and Hospital, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences ,Chennai ,India .

Head of Dental department, Specialist Dentist and Implantologist, City Centre Clinic, City centre offices building, Deira city centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, JCI Accredited Centre, since 1st Sep. 2013 till 28th June 2018

Harley International Medical Clinic, Dubai, UAE, (July2005-July 2013) Specialist Dental Surgeon

· Independently managing and Heading the Department of Dentistry covering all clinical aspects of clinical dentistry.

· Conduct clinical case discussions and provide comprehensive management of patients covering all aspects of dental treatment.

· Organizing the resources in a manner to produce the finest results

· Maintaining extreme hygiene and supporting environment at the job

· Cultivating excellent work coordination with co-surgeons/colleagues

· Guiding the subordinates

· Managing General Dentistry as well as Speciality cases.

Delhi Dental Centre, New Delhi (1996-2000)

· Periodontist and general dentist in one of most high profile multi speciality clinic of India catering to VIP’S and VVIP’S including Prime minister, President ,Cabinet ministers, Diplomats, Ambassadors etc.

· Was in charge of Department. of Periodontics.

· Responsible for providing training to graduate dental students who were posted as observers.

Private Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi, UAE (2000-2005)

· Headed the Dental department and worked as Specialist Dentist.


Hospital Based Professional training/Assignments

Junior Residency (Jan 1994-June 1994) from PGIMER Chandigarh, India

Rotary Internship from D.A.V. (C) Dental College, Yamunanagar. India, from Jan.1992-Dec1992)


Academic Education:

· Membership of Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, UK. June’ 2019.

· Master of Dental Surgery, from GDC Ahmedabad , Gujarat University, India (1996)

· Bachelor in Dental Surgery from DAV(C) Dental College, Yamunanagar, MD University, Rohtak ,India ( Dec’1992)

· Diplomate in Orthodontics, ICNOG, Italy.( October’2007)

· MBA (Health care services) from Sikkim Manipal University, India. (2012)

· Certified BLS and ACLS Provider.

· Fellowship of International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), U.S.A., 2015.

· Fellowship of International College of Dentists, FICD, USA, December’ 2016.

· Fellowship in Laser Therapy (Aachen University, Germany); October’ 2017.

· Fellowship in Digital Occlusion and DTR, Nov’, 2017.

· Fellowship of Academy of Dentistry International, Feb 2020.


Extra-Curricular/Academic related activities:

· Regularly giving Radio and Television interviews on dental related topics.

· On Editorial panel of Journal of Oral Health and Community Dentistry.

· Writing articles on various aspects of Dentistry (Most recent article was published in April 2011 Edition of” Red Hot” magazine of Gulf News, in Dubai, UAE and on Bruxism in health supplement of Khaleej Times, on 28th Oct 2015.

· Chairperson of one of scientific sessions in Asia Pacific Dental Conference, in Dubai in June 2014.

· Bruxism: What it is and how to Treat It, article published in expat women .com, website on 7th Jan 2020.



"Exploring impact of Technical and Interpersonal factors on Patient satisfaction in dental department of Multi-specialty clinic in Dubai": Journal of Services Research13.2 (Oct 2013-Mar 2014): 31-51



Ø Pocket Elimination v/s Pocket Maintenance in PerioScan’95 held in Ahmedabad in March 1995.

Ø Advent, Concepts and Realities in Periodontal Regeneration in Perioscan’96 held at Ahmedabad in Feb.1996.

Ø Evaluation of EVA Tetracycline fibers in management of periodontal pockets in Gujarat state Conference in Mount Abu in Jul.1996.

Ø Role of Bone Grafts in Periodontal Regeneration in Delhi State Conference held in New Delhi.Aug.1997.

Ø Comparison of DFDBA (Dembone) and OSTEOGEN (HA Resorb) in treatment of human Periodontal osseous defects in New Delhi , Dec.1996

Ø Role of GTR in management of grade II Furcation Defects in Mandibular Molars in Inter State Dental Congress held in New Delhi in Aug.1997.

Ø Role of Periodontal Regenerative techniques in combined Endo –Perio lesions in Annual Endodontic Conference held at Atlantis Dubai in Dec 2012.



· Efficacy of different bone grafts in treating periodontal osseous defects and osseous defects around Implants in Ibn Sina CME Program in Ajman University on 11.10.2012.

· Endodontic –Periodontal Lesions: Rational approach to treatment on 25/10/2013 in CME Program

· Efficacy of different bone grafts in treating Periodontal Osseous defects and Osseous defects around Implants on 11.04.2014 in Conference in Dubai, UAE.

· Bone grafts: Why, Where, When, which? in a dental CME Program in Hotel Pullman on 1st . May 2015.

· Key note Speaker in Punjab State Dental Congress in Chandigarh on 18th Dec 2015 : “Bridging the Gap : Reconstruction of Hard tissues in Periodontal surgery and Implantology”

· “Common surgical complications in Implant dentistry and their management”: Guest Speaker for Ibn Sina Conference titled “Modern dentistry –New Horizons” on 7th April 2016 in Ajman.

· Conducted a CME Program titled “Technological Advances in dentistry” on 27th June 2019, in Dubai, UAE and gave two lectures on “Solving Occlusal Problems by revealing occlusal dynamics” and “Application and use of lasers in clinical dentistry”

· Webinar on 21st May 2020, on Lasers in Dentistry: Possibilities and Applications in Clinical Practice.

· Management of Implant Related Complications using Technology in World’s first Virtual Implant Expo on August 21, 2020.

· “Current Paradigms in Management of dental Implant related Complications” on 29th March 2021.



i) Best Paper award at annual conference of Indian Dental Association (Delhi Branch) at New Delhi, Dec.1996.

ii) Topped in the Post Graduation Examination (M D.S.) in the Deptt. Of Periodontics.

iii) Topped in the Post-Graduation Examination (M.D.S.) among all the clinical branches.

iv) Won the “I Love my Dentist” Award 2010 in whole of UAE AND GCC AND North Africa.

v) Special Recognition award in Annual Indian Endodontics conference held in Dubai in Dec.2012.

vi) Won the “Distinguished Medical Specialist” (individual category) at the Annual Health Awards 2018.



1. Course on “Periodontal Applications of Osteogen HA Resorb” (Bone Grafting) held at Hyderabad, 5th.Jan, 1995.

2. Course on “Role of GTR in Periodontal Defects” held at Hyderabad, 5th. Jan’1995.

3. Course on GTR, Bone Defects & Hard Tissue Grafts at Bombay in 1996.

4. Course on “Free Gingival Grafts” at Bombay in 1996.

5. Course on Implants at Govt. Dental College & Hosp. Ahmedabad, 1995.

6. Course on GTR and Free Gingival Grafts at New Delhi in March 1997.

7. In vivo course in Implantology placing 30 Implants(Q Implants, Germany) in Cambodia in April 2009

8. Course on Implantology in Lubeck, Germany (Biocer Implants) in 2004.

9. Hands on Course on Veneers and Endodontics in March /April 2009.

10. Hands on course in latest restorative techniques in Pedodontics in July 2009.

11. Hands on course in latest (Periodontal) surgical suturing techniques in July 2009.

12. Advanced course in Implant placement (Placed 6 MIS implants), Osseous Grafting, Guided Bone Regeneration, Indirect Sinus lifts and Ridge Split with Onlay Sinus Grafting procedures in July, 2009.

13. Hands on course on Composite and Indirect Porcelain Veneers and Smile Design in Oct.2009 in UAE.

14. Attended symposium on Aesthetic Dentistry in Dubai, UAE in Nov.2009

15. Attended symposium on Oral Surgery in Sharjah, UAE in Dec.2009.

16. Hands on course on Prosthetics Dentistry procedures from NYU, USA.

17. Attended symposium on ‘Esthetic Dentistry –Principle and Techniques”

18. Hands on course on Comprehensive overview on TMJ Disorders, Diagnosis, Management and Treatment on 9-10th July, 2010 in Egypt.

19. Attended Asian Academy of Osseointegeration Congress in Seoul on 12-14 th.Nov.2010.

20. Attended the Lectures and Hands on course on “Tooth Loss and Dental Spacing” in Sharjah in April.

21. Hands on course on “ Micro Implants” on 19 th May,2011 in Dubai,UAE

22. Hands on course on” 3D Imaging” on 19th.May, 2011 in Dubai, UAE.

23. Course in “Digital Radiography” in Dubai, October 2011.

24. In vivo Course on Implants (Dento flex) in Brazil in Oct.2011.

25. Hands on Workshop on Protaper and ‘Wave’ Single file Endo system by Dr Cliff Ruddle in Dubai, in Jan 2012.

26. Hands on Course on SMILE DESIGN and Aesthetic Excellence in Turkey from 4-5th May 2012 by Dr Galip Gurel.

27. Hands on course on ‘Smile design with Minimal Invasive Digital and traditional tools “by Dr Eduardo Mahn in Dubai on May 4th, 2013.

28. Hands on Dissection course on “Soft Tissue Management in Dental Implantology” from Centre of Anatomy and cell biology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria on 12-13th Oct 2013.

29. Course on Aesthetic dentistry in International centre for dental education, Liechtenstein, Switzerland on 24-26th March 2014.

30. Course on Full mouth rehabilitation in Mumbai, India on Sep 6-7th 2014.

31. Clinical and hands on course on “Comprehensive Periodontal and Soft Tissue management “in Sharjah from 17th to 21st March 2015.

32. One year implant training program “Advances and innovations in Implant Dentistry” in association with ICOI, USA, from April 2014 till April 2015

33. Workshop on Paedodontics by PaedoPathshala on 4th – 5th May Bombay 2015.

34. “Advance Exodontia Program” in Bangalore” from 19th to 22nd October 2015.

35. Workshop on TEK scan in New York, USA on 30th Nov 2015.

36. Workshop of “Implant Direct” on Implantology in LAS Vegas ,USA from 3rd to 5th Dec, 2015.

37. Workshop/Intensive course on Platelet rich Fibrin in Abu Dhabi on 8th Jan.


38. Workshop in I plus Laser by Aachen Dental Laser centre, Germany held in Dubai from 31st Jan to 01st Feb 2016.

39. Course on ‘Digital Smile Design” conducted by Dr Christian coachman in Dubai on 10th April 2016.

40. “Lumineers”, smile design workshop in Dubai on 13th -14th May, 2016.

41. Hands on course on Piezo surgery on 29th March’ 2016, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

42. Hands on course on “Modern Preparation and Cementation for Inlays, Onlays and Occlusal Veneers on 5th Nov.2016 by Dr.Eduvardo Mahn, in Dubai, UAE

43. Workshop on Dynamic Navigation in Implant Surgery in Dubai on 28th October, 2017.

44. Mastership class and certification in Biometric Diagnostics in Dentistry from 17th to 19th June 2019, Milwaukee, USA.

45. Biologically Oriented Endodontics: From Minimally Invasive

Instrumentation to 3D Biocompatible Obturation, Dubai, on 30.10.2019.

46. Workshop on “Non-invasive treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea, in Sharjah on 6th March 2020.

47. The Telephone and Telemedicine in Clinical Medicine: An instrument of Opportunity and Risk: Online course from Harvard Medical School, USA

48. Participated in a hackathon organised by MBR University, titled “#MBRUHacks COVID 19”, in finding the solution for COVID 19 crisis.

49. Course on “Leading Health care Quality and Safety” from George Washington University, USA

50 .Workshop on “Forensic Odontology” from 15-24th Feb 2021.



1. Fraud Awareness E-learning course

2. E course on information security

3. Course on Customer Service Excellence on 22.10.2017.

4. Beginner’s level Arabic speaking course in August 2018.



Ø Life Member of Indian Dental Association (IDA) ,Membership no. 166404

Ø Emirates Medical Association, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Membership no. 06-134

Member of Asian Academy of Osseo integration

Ø Member of American Dental Association ADA ,Membership no 987213655

Ø Member of ICOI, USA



i) Bone Grafting & Regenerative techniques

ii) Implants.

iii) Research: Evaluation of New bone grafting materials.

iv) Aesthetic dentistry