Dr. Shoukath Ali

Specialist implantologist

Has Participated in 3 events.

United Arab Emirates


Dr. Shoukath Ali

Specialist implantologist


1.) Dr.Shoukath ali is a Specialist implantologist who has 20 years of experience in Dentistry and 15 years of experience in implantology. 

2.) Done various advanced programs under Temple University USA and Toronto university Canada. He has done Masters from Austria. 

3) One of few specialist Dental implantologist who has Dental implantology privilege license in both Dubai Health Authority (DHA)as well as Ministry of Health (MOH)Sharjah 

4) We are lucky to have an implantologist who speak the language of both worlds that is short implant as well as conventional implants . Is international speaker 

Conducting CME programs in Austria-  Germany and UAE,and mentor and trainer 

5) Usually his program shed light to different implant systems Mention pros and cons But Never a promotor of any particular implants.