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  • 7 September, 2023

The global gathering of the oral and dental health sector, IDEX Istanbul, will bring together thousands of brands under one roof from 8th to 11th May 2024!

Regarded as the global showcase for the dental materials industry, which has reached a commercial volume of 1 billion dollars, IDEX Istanbul Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition earned the title of being Turkey's most foreign buyer-hosting specialized exhibition with 28,000 foreign visitors last year.

IDEX Istanbul, which is preparing to break its own record from May 8-11, 2024, is expected to host approximately 35,000 foreign industry professionals from over 85 countries. For IDEX Istanbul, a buyer delegation program consisting entirely of chief physicians, deans, and senior executives is planned to attract over 500 professional buyers from all over the world.

At IDEX Istanbul, which is one of the world's largest exhibitions in its field, every kind of product and service related to oral and dental health will be exhibited, from next-generation anesthesia devices to technological fillings, from next-generation imaging devices to dentist chairs that combine entertainment and technology for children and adults. Organized by the Turkish Dental Businessmen Association (DISSIAD), the exhibition will have over 600 exhibitor companies with more than 150 foreign firms and over 5,000 brands. This year, IDEX Istanbul will be visited by over 80,000 domestic and foreign industry professionals. IDEX geared up to be organised on an area of 60.000 sqms, set new records by hosting over 59.110 domestic visitors and 28.460 international professionals consisting mainly of dental professionals from over 80 countries achieved 87.570 visits along the 4 exhibition days and greatly contributed to the creation of $200 million trading volume on its previous edition.

At the exhibition, more than 80 symposiums and courses will be organized, with the presence of internationally renowned local and foreign academicians, addressing the past, present, and future of the industry. In the symposium, which will be held in collaboration with Dental Tribune International (DTI), the world's most widespread dental publishing network, a comprehensive program will feature national and international speakers sharing innovations in all areas related to endodontics, prosthodontics, restorations, digital dentistry, implants, adhesive dentistry, and more. Throughout the 4-day symposium and course programs within the scope of IDEX Istanbul, innovations and developments in oral and dental health will be discussed in practical terms. Academicians and experts will provide information about the industry's advancements to industry professionals, employees, and students.

As one of the most prestigious exhibitions dedicated to oral & dental healthcare industries, IDEX will reunite domestic and international players in Istanbul. Make sure to mark the date of the major gathering in your calendar for the year 2024. For further information, you can visit the website idex.org.tr.

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