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  • 14 July, 2022

15th International Sofia Dental Meeting | 2022

For another year, the SDM team, led by the Scientific Chairman Dr. Vincenzo Musella, has made an exceptional program that aims to attract dentists, dental technicians, and students from Bulgaria and the World. The main program's purpose is to bring together specialists and masters of Dental medicine in Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia.

6-7-8 October 2022, the Capital of Bulgaria will be the epicenter of the one-of-a-kind dental event for the past fifteen years. The participants of SDM 2022 will be able to enjoy the exclusive presence of  World-renowned names in the dental profession! Check our speakers at www.sdm.bg

3 intense days of lectures, live demonstrations, workshops, and dental exhibition!

The Lecture program is parallelly organized in two lecture halls.

Live demonstrations included in the Main congress fee and showing real-time clinical decisions, make SDM unique and different from all other dental events. The topics are diverse: Implantology, Endodontics, Conservative Dentistry, Prosthetics, and Digital work protocols.

Workshops are 4 hours long, including a theoretical and practical part in groups limited to 15 people. Courses will be carried out with The Top Applied Education Research Center (TERC) 's kind assistance, which provides a cozy atmosphere and modern equipment.

Get ready for the autumn now!

The SDM Team invites you to register online: www.sdm.bg

Sofia Dental Meeting Association

e-mail: [email protected]

Tel.: +359 884 27 84 83

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