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  • 5 April, 2024

AEEDC 2024 | Post Show Report

Renowned as a pinnacle event in the worldwide dental and oral health industry, the event featured 5,328 international brands from 3,924 global and regional companies, spanning 10 exhibition halls. From product launches to live demonstrations of cutting-edge technology, the event provided attendees with firsthand experience of the latest advancements in the field.

The Dental Business Hub facilitated 600 meetings among 430 participants from 85 countries.Tailored for senior decision-makers from hospitals, clinics, distributors, and importers, it efficiently connected pre-qualified buyers with our exhibitors, facilitating the procurement of innovative products and services.

AEEDC Dubai serves as a pivotal platform connecting dental and oral care companies, manufacturers, and distributors worldwide, facilitating access to new business markets and fostering expanded networks. Hosting Germany’s Dental Industry as the Guest of Honour for AEEDC Dubai 2024 placed a significant focus on German brands and products throughout the exhibition, ensuring attendees were well-informed about their contributions to the global dental industry, which boasts a legacy spanning over a century. 105 German brands used AEEDC Dubai as an efficient platform for their exports.

AEEDC Dubai WorldOrthodontic Conference |5-6 February 2024

The 2-day conference, exclusively dedicated to the field of Orthodontics, explored contemporary topics presented by 12 experts. It offered a comprehensive scientific program centred around thetheme of “Conventional and Futuristic.”

AEEDC Dubai World Oral & Maxillofacial Conference| 7-8 February 2024

The 2-day specialized conference under the theme “Conventional vs. Technologies in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery”, emphasized evidence-based practices to enhance surgical outcomes and was delivered by 11 prominent speakers. 

93% of attendees were very satisfied with the quality of Speakers.

AEEDC Dubai 2024 hosted the 21st annual meeting of the Global Scientific Dental Alliance (GSDA), with 383 members representing 184 international medical organizations, academic institutions, and dental associations. At the meeting, the GSDA launched the “GSDA 2024 Declaration,” outlining 8 pillars for future dental innovations and improvements.

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