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  • 25 June, 2022

Dermal Fillers


Author: Dr Aparna Pandya (Mrs India Vivacious 2019)

Say farewell to wrinkles and fine lines with Dermal fillers. They're injections that lighten wrinkles and smooth lines on your face. There are several types of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers generally produce results right down, and can last months or times.

Dermal fillers is used to enhance the facial features or to give a further aesthetic appearance to your face. This optional treatment generally takes lower than half an hour, and recovery time is minimum. Results are seen right down and last months to times depending on the type of fillers and the position which include areas around your eyes, mouth and nose.

As a part of aging, body starts to lose collagen. Collagen is an important substance in the skin, muscles, bones and connective tissues. Dropped quantities of collagen in your skin causes loss of volume. Skin becomes thinner, loses its pliantness and starts to sag.

Dermal fillers

  •  Add volume to sagging skin.
  •  Make your facial features more symmetrical.
  • More fuller  lips and cheeks.
  •  Smooth wrinkles and crimps in your face.

 The types of fillers include

  • Hyaluronic acid( HA) is a naturally being acid in your skin. It gives your skin volume and keeps it doused . With age, your body stops making hyaluronic acid. Results from HA injections generally last six months to a time. Restylane ® is a generally used type of HA fillers.
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite( CaHA) is a type of fillers that consists of a substance you have in your bones. Results from these fillers generally last around a time. Healthcare providers generally use CaHA fillers for deeper wrinkles. exemplifications of CaHA fillers include Radiesse ®.
  • Poly- L- lactic acid( PLLA) is a substance that helps your body produce its own collagen. Healthcare providers generally use poly- L- lactic acid to smooth deep wrinkles on your face. The results can last two times or further. Types of PLLA fillers include Sculptra ®.
  • Polymethylmethacrylate( PMMA) fillers correspond of collagen and veritably small balls that stay under your skin after your healthcare provider injects them. The balls give your skin volume and keep it firm. Bellafill ® is one type of PMMA fillers.


What happens before a dermal fillers procedure?

During the original visits, the face is examined and ask about the pretensions and what areas the case would like to enhance.

During this discussion, ask about any medical history. It’s important to note if the case is on any specifics, as some medicines can increase the threat of complications after getting fillers.

Using a thin needle, fit small quantities of fillers under the skin. The needle will pinch or sting, but utmost people do n’t witness important pain during these injections. The whole process can take a many twinkles or over to an hour.

After entering dermal fillers injections give an ice pack to ease pain and lump.

The case may have bruises, swelling or discomfort after getting the injections. generally, these side goods are mild and go down in a many days.

Numerous people see results right down after getting these injections. But everyone’s results are different. How long it takes to see results( and how long they last) depends on several factors, including the type of treatment entered.


Numerous people see results of dermal fillers right down. Because it’s a nonsurgical treatment, recovery time is minimum. Depending on the type of fillers, results can last months or indeed times. Some fillers work for further than two times. Dermal fillers are also generally less precious than optional surgical procedures.

Complications of dermal fillers?

They include

  • Asymmetrical appearance.
  • Bleeding, bruising, greenishness, pain and lump.
  • Damage to your skin, which can beget scars.
  • Infection, which can lead to necrosis( death of the infected skin) in severe cases.
  • Lumps or bumps under your skin.
  • Impassiveness.
  • Pustules that look like acne.
  • Rash an itching.


Everyone’s recovery time is different. Recovery time depends on

  • How numerous areas are treated.
  • The type of fillers administered.

Utmost people can get back to the conditioning they enjoy right after getting dermal fillers injections.

Dermal fillers smooth wrinkles and restore volume to sagging skin. numerous people choose to get these injections because results are conspicuous right down and recovery time is minimum. As with any optional ornamental procedure, there’s a threat of side goods.

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