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  • 24 April, 2024

Record - Breaking Aligner by Illusion Aligners Sets a National Record

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 22: Illusion Aligners, a renowned name in the Dental Industry, has once again pushed the boundaries with its amusing creation. This time, it proudly announces its achievement in the esteemed India Book of Records. It has etched its name in history by creating the Biggest Aligner.

Illusion Aligners has achieved this monumental feat by creating the Biggest Aligner in India and securing a prestigious place in the India Book of Records. Crafting the Biggest Aligners reflects their belief in dreaming big and achieving big. They deserve a shout-out for the imagination and creation of this mega-aligner model that stands as the beacon of healthy smiles.

Illusion Aligners' colossal aligner is a marvel with an impressive width of 1900 mm and a height of 1650 mm. It is an authentic replica of advanced teeth aligners that seamlessly correct misalignments and bring teeth to perfection. It is made using Taglus PETG material, measuring a whopping 1140 mm in both width and height. It was meticulously crafted in an eight-step procedure that started with impression collection, pouring, and printing of 3D Models, followed by the process of thermoforming, receiving the precise touch of laser marking, then finishing & polishing, which eventually underwent the vigilant gaze of Quality Checking, and finally, it was carefully packed. This remarkable creation was indeed crafted and officially recorded on February 15, 2024, etching itself into the chronicles of history.
India Book of Records presented this prestigious award to their founder, Rajesh Khakhar, and Mitesh Kariya, the COO of Illusion Aligners. This momentary event was honoured by Kashmira Shah, the adjudicator from the India Book of Records. It was a memorable moment for Team Illusion as they gleamed joyfully at this historic feat.
Stemming from Illusion Dental Lab, they have continued their rich legacy of upscaling and transforming Dentistry for over 35 years. They are a well-known and trusted brand among the Dental Fraternity when it comes to transforming smiles. As an advocate for Digital Dentistry, Illusion Dental Lab has carved a niche for itself in the Dental World.

Illusion Aligners is a well-known brand famous for its premium quality and US FDA Certified Aligners that has greatly contributed to the transformation of Aligner Dental Practice in India. The same is evident from the words of their enigmatic brand ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan, who believes in 'No Confusion, Only Illusion.' When it comes to choosing a partner for the smile-transforming journey, Illusion Aligners provide multiple options to patients with their variants, viz., Illusion Aligners FLX, Illusion Aligners PRO and Illusion Aligners Aesthetics.

With a mission to revolutionize Dentistry, this company continues to contribute groundbreaking products with a visionary approach. Their commitment to excellence, coupled with a rich legacy of innovation, positions them as global leaders in orthodontics, driving positive transformations in Dental Care worldwide.


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