10 Day Online Workshop On Forensic Odontology : Batch - iii

After the huge success of the 1st and 2nd Batches, we are pleased to announce the 3rd Batch for 10 Day Online Workshop on Forensic Odontology from 20th – 29th Nov 2021 by Dr. Arushi Chawla. Join us and explore, learn and be a part of this interesting and exciting world of Forensics in Dentistry.


The objective for the workshop on forensic odontology is to bring about a revolution in the field of dentistry which would be in the interest of justice. The main aim is to promote research in the field of dentistry and motivate more professionals for forensic dentistry. The 20 hours in the workshop will introduce the participants to newer concepts like cheiloscopy, rugoscopy, bitemarks, forensic radiology, age estimation and many other interesting topics.

Towards the end the participants will be able to establish identity for skeletal remains through their dentition and will enhance their knowledge on the particular subject.


  • 100% Online Lectures
  • Detailed Modules on Forensic Odontology
  • Exciting Challenges, Tasks and Assignments
  • International Certification with 20 CPD Points
  • Mentorship & Post Workshop Support on Whatsapp Group


Day 1 : 20-NOV-2021 (7 – 9 P.M.) - Introduction and Scope of Forensic Odontology

On the first day as we move forward with the orientation and knowing more about your area of interest, we would discuss about the basic concept of forensic odontology and its various areas as well as knowing more about the history and evolution of forensic odontology with some interesting cases

Day 2 : 21-NOV-2021 (7 – 9 P.M.) : Cheiloscopy

On the Day 2 we will be discussing about the lip prints, its anatomy, its collection

development, classification of lip prints, as well as its forensic implications at crime scene and also we will try the analysis using image enhancement.

Day 3 : 22-NOV-2021 (7 – 9 P.M.) : Rugoscopy

As we move forward we would be gaining knowledge on establishing identity through palatal rugae along with the classification and analysis using the Integrated Rugoscopy Chart.

Day 4 : 23-NOV-2021 (7 – 9 P.M.) : Bitemarks

On day 4 we would beginning with the concept of bitemarks, its terminology, class and individual characteristics, different types of bitemarks, collection and photography of the evidences from the bitemarks. We will also be discussing about the analysis through the ABFO bitemark analysis tree and we will also be learning about the report writing for the bitemark

Day 5 : 24-NOV-2021 (7 – 9 P.M.) : Human Identification

Towards the midway of the workshop, we would be learning about the unique characteristics of the dentition which is responsible for making it unique. We will be discussing about the racial differences and also sexual dimorphism along with a few non-metric dental traits which would assist the dentists to be able to make a database specific to their city or state.

Day 6 : 25-NOV-2021 (7 – 9 P.M.) : Disaster Victim Identification

On the Day 6 we will discuss about the different types of disasters and the role of forensic experts at the scene. We would also discuss about the role of forensic odontology at the site of disaster as well as the INTERPOL ante-mortem and post-mortem form and also introduce the WINID software to all the participants.

Day 7 : 26-NOV-2021 (7 – 9 P.M.) : Forensic Radiology

As we move forward with the use of WINID we would also discuss more about the use of radiology in the field of forensic for age estimation and other violent and non-violent crimes which can be used for determining the modus operandi or the cause of death.

Day 8 : 27-NOV-2021 (7 – 9 P.M.) : Age Estimation

As we move forward, the participants will be introduced to the concept of dental age estimation, its elaborative classification and the different techniques used for estimating the age of foetus and at adolescent. This includes various techniques which are used by forensic odontologists around the world for solving both civil and criminal cases.

Day 9 : 28-NOV-2021 (7 – 9 P.M.) : Age Estimation-2

Towards the end we would conclude the concept of age estimation using around 18 different methods which shall include visual, radiographic and even histologic techniques. We would practice some of the techniques online where participants will be provided with different radiographs for estimation of age

Day 10 : 29-NOV-2021 (7 – 9 P.M.) : Case Studies

As we conclude the workshop, we shall discuss about the famous cases which were solved using forensic odontology and would also include one to one doubt solving session on any topic which were discussed during the workshop

DATE : 20TH – 29TH NOVEMBER, 2021

TIME : 7 P.M. - 9 P.M. IST

FEES :  ₹3600/- (Inclusive GST)

Upon Successful Completion, all the Participants will be awarded an E-Certificate that has been Internationally Accredited from the Federal Dental Association from Rheinland Pfalz-Germany with 20 CPD Points.


Dr. Arushi Chawla M.SC. Forensic Odontology
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Paid Workshop
  Start Date

20 November, 2021 07:00 am

  End Date

29 November, 2021 09:00 am







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