From Teeth to Truth: The Role of Forensic Dentistry in Justice

"From Teeth to Truth: The Role of Forensic Dentistry in Justice" explores how the unique characteristics of dental evidence serve as invaluable tools in solving crimes and delivering justice. Through meticulous analysis of teeth, bite marks, and dental records, forensic dentists play a crucial role in identifying victims, linking suspects to crimes, and providing essential evidence in court proceedings. This short description delves into the pivotal role that forensic dentistry plays in unraveling mysteries and bringing closure to cases, highlighting its significance in the pursuit of truth and justice.Top of Form

Highlights of the Webinar

  1. Identification of Victims: Forensic dentistry aids in identifying individuals in cases of mass disasters, accidents, or criminal acts where traditional methods like fingerprinting or DNA analysis are not feasible
  2. Bite Mark Analysis: Bite marks left on victims or objects at crime scenes can provide critical evidence for investigations.
  3. Age Estimation: Dentition plays a vital role in estimating the age of an individual, especially in cases involving minors or unidentified bodies.
  4. Expert Testimony: Forensic dentists often serve as expert witnesses in legal proceedings, providing testimony based on their analyses of dental evidence.
  5. Disaster Victim Identification (DVI): In the aftermath of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or accidents resulting in mass casualties, forensic dentistry plays a crucial role in DVI efforts.

Date :16/04/2024 |06:00 PM IST


Dr. Arushi Chawla M.SC. Forensic Odontology
Dental Webinars
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Forensic Odontology
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