Workshop On Forensic Odontology


This workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to forensic odontology, focusing on its application in criminal investigations and human identification. Participants will explore various techniques and methodologies, including cheiloscopy, rugoscopy, bitemark analysis, non-metric dental traits, and age estimation. The course will conclude with discussions and case studies to consolidate learning.

Day 1: Introduction to Forensic Odontology and Understanding Cheiloscopy and Rugoscopy

Introduction to Forensic Odontology

  • Definition and scope
  • History and evolution
  • Importance in legal investigations


  • Definition and significance
  • Types of lip prints
  • Methods of recording and analyzing lip prints
  • Applications in forensic investigations


  • Definition and importance
  • Anatomical features of palatal rugae
  • Methods of recording and analyzing palatal rugae
  • Applications in human identification

Hands-on Activities:

  • Practical exercises in recording and analyzing lip prints and palatal rugae.

Day 2: Understanding the Concept of Bitemarks

  • Introduction to Bitemarks
  • Definition and forensic significance
  • Types of bitemarks
  • Factors affecting bitemark appearance
  • Analysis of Bitemarks
  • Techniques for recording bitemarks
  • Comparative analysis of bitemarks

Hands-on Activities:

  • Simulated bitemark analysis and comparison exercises.

Day 3: Understanding Human Identification Using Non-Metric Dental Traits

Introduction to Dental Traits

  • Definition and types of non-metric dental traits
  • Genetic and environmental influences
  • Importance in forensic anthropology
  • Common Non-Metric Dental Traits
  • Shovel-shaped incisors
  • Carabelli's cusp
  • Canine dimorphism
  • Application in Forensic Investigations
  • Techniques for identifying dental traits
  • Comparative analysis for individual identification
  • Case studies showcasing the use of dental traits in human identification

Hands-on Activities:

  • Identification and analysis of non-metric dental traits in dental casts.

Day 4: Human Age Estimation

  • Introduction to Age Estimation
  • Importance in forensic investigations
  • Overview of methods for age estimation
  • Dental Age Estimation Techniques
  • Developmental stages of teeth
  • Radiographic analysis
  • Application of Demirjian’s method

Hands-on Activities:

  • Age estimation exercises using dental and skeletal evidence.

Day 5: Discussions and Case Studies

Case Study 1

  • Presentation and analysis of a real-life forensic odontology case
  • Group discussion on approach, challenges, and conclusions

Case Study 2

  • Presentation and analysis of a second forensic odontology case
  • Group discussion and collaborative problem-solving
  • Open Forum Discussion
  • Q & A session with course instructors
  • Discussion on the future of forensic odontology

Date: 21-25 July 2024

Time: 07 PM-09 PM IST

Course Fee: ₹3600/- Only (Inclusive GST)



Dr. Arushi Chawla M.SC. Forensic Odontology
General Dentistry
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Forensic Odontology
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