Upcoming Events

  • 5 July,2022
What after BDS

Study options for foreign graduates in USA and Canada

  • 10 July,2022
Laboratory procedures in Cast Partial Denture

This webinar bring about the clear awareness about the Cast Partial Denture is one of the technique for restoring the lost teeth

  • 16 July,2022
The Delhi Dental Show-2022

Here we are, with a golden chance for you to meet and interact with leading dental exhibitors, experts, & much more, only at The Delhi Dental Show!

  • 16 July,2022
Periodontal disease and systemic conditions: a bidirectional relationship

This webinar brings awareness about the inter relationships of periodontal disease and other systemic conditions

  • 22 July,2022
6th International Conference on Cortico Basal Implantology

This conference will cover the wide arrays and possibilities of cortico basal implantology

  • 24 July,2022
Retention in Orthodontics- Tips and Tricks for successful retention

The importance of retention after orthodontic treatment, indications of various types of retention

  • 30 July,2022
The Hyderabad Dental Show

It is a leading dental show where you will experience the wheel of ample opportunities and offers

  • 7 August,2022
Simplifying Pocket Elimination

Treatment of periodontal pockets- the root cause behind periodontitis

  • 13 August,2022
Treating primary incisors- Let’s add shine to those tiny smiles

Treatment of primary incisors through conservative, endodontic and aesthetic means.

  • 17 August,2022
Comprehensive Implantology Workshop | 4 Days

Learn the biomechanics of implants and skill development for implant based oral rehabilitation

  • 28 August,2022
Fourth Dimesion In Orthodontics : Why Timing Is Important

Orthodontics or braces treatment can be done at All ages while growing ages offer maximum predictability with stable results.

  • 8 September,2022
WARSAW Dental Medica Show(September 8 – 10, 2022)

International Fair and Congress Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine

  • 7 February,2023
AEEDC Dubai 2023 7th– 9th February 2023

The Largest Annual Scientific Dental Conference And Exhibition In The World

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Past Events

  • 29 May,2022
Dental Marketing And Ongoing Social Media Trends

Learn how to promote your dental work using social media

  • 26 May,2022
Idex Istanbul 2022 Istanbul Expo Centre(May26 – 29, 2022)

17th International Istanbul Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition

  • 24 May,2022
Post Treatment Disease In Endodontics And Techniques To Avoid Them

Learn the diseases that may occur post endo treatment and how to attain maximum success by mastering techniques to avoid such glitches

  • 23 May,2022
Interproximal Reduction- Clinical Tips For A Smooth Enamel Surface

This session includes clinical tips to obtain a smooth reduced enamel surface and case selection for this procedure.

  • 20 May,2022
FAMDENT Mumbai2022 (2nd Edition)

India’s premier conference and trade show for progressive clinical dentistry.

  • 15 May,2022
Patient Complaints In Removable Prosthodontics : How To Diagnose And Manage?

Learn more how to diagnose and manage patient complaints in removable dentures.

  • 15 May,2022
Immediate Implant In Aesthetic Area : How To Achieve The Best Results

how to achieve the best outcome with immediate implant placement in aesthetic zone.

  • 14 May,2022
Diabetes From Anesthesia To Implant

Learn more how to manage diabetic patients in your dental practice.


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