Stress-Reduced Direct Composite Restorations: Tips And Techniques


This lecture aims to equip you with an understanding of the natural tooth's biomechanics and structure. We'll explore evidence-based protocols that mimic these properties as closely as possible, allowing you to create strong and resilient restorations.

What will you learn:

  • Natural Tooth Structure & Biomechanics: Gain a deep understanding of the natural tooth’s composition and how forces act upon it.

  • Optimal Cavity Design & Stress Management: Master the art of cavity design while effectively managing C-Factor and polymerization stresses.

  • Achieving Maximum Bond Strength: Discover techniques for attaining the strongest possible bond between tooth and restoration.

  • Fiber Incorporation & Favorable Failure Modes: Learn how to integrate fibers and shift potential fracture patterns to a more desirable outcome.

  • Step-by-Step Tips & Tricks: Gain valuable insights and techniques for every stage of the procedure.


Date: 23rd March 2024 |05:30 PM IST


Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
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conservative dentistry dental webinar ENDODONTICS
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