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  • 8 September, 2022

Fix Konisch – Conical Connection Implant System by Medigma Biomedical GmBH

Since 1992, Medigma Biomedical has been providing innovative solutions to dental professionals. Medigma Biomedical has maintained a very high reputation by providing excellent service and products to clients across the globe. They are known for their high precision and user-friendly features. With a range of dental implants and associated restorative, prosthetic and surgical components, Medigma dental implants would be nothing less than the first choice for clinicians.

Exclusive features of Fix Konisch™ – Conical Connection Implant System

  • 5 degrees self-lock Morse taper conical connection - Morse Taper offers bacterial seal
  • 2mm anti-rotational hexagon
  • Abutment screw with spiral, self-clamping thread
  • Two Parallel 180degree offset threads for faster insertion and larger surface area
  • Sloping shoulder design with micro-groove surface and sub-crestal insertion, allows for the bone to grow up over the top of the Implant
  • The self-tapping threads and cutting grooves allow for easy insertion and optimum initial stabilization - self-tapping threads reduce the work drastically as they are very easy for insertion
  • OsteoActive Surface for faster and ensured osseointegration
  • Apical Thread for ideal and faster bone- remodelling
  • Conical Thread Design

Surfacae treatment Fix Konisch™ – Conical Connection Implant System

Surface treatment is achieved by high-speed particle blasting, using suitable and resorbable hardened Calcium Phosphate particles. Calcium Phosphate eliminates the need of using strong acids for the removal of blasting material remnants.

What is unique about the surface treatment?

Calcium Phosphate is a resorbable, biocompatible substance. It is found that it does not transfix deeply into the implants surface and does not lodge inside the physically created crater. In case there are Calcium Phosphate leftover residue on the implant surface, it enhances the osteogenic value of the implant due to the osteoconductive properties it possesses, allowing it to be completely resorbed and replaced by new bone cells.

How is it helpful in clinical application?

This unique feature could be useful in severe clinical conditions like poor bone quality and in cases of early or immediate loading.

Versatile and efficient prosthetic solutions

Multi-unit abutment for screw retained restorations

1. Scan body

  • Available for intra-oral and desktop scanner
  • Scan body of 6mm and 9mm height are available

2. Cementing cone & cylinder

  • Titanium temporary copying component is available

Titanium bases

To enable digital workflow and enhance stability Medigma Biomedical GmBH has introduced titanium bases.

There are 3 types of titanium bases available:

  • Anti-rotation – for single unit restorations
  • Free rotation – for bridge restorations
  • Angular anti-rotation – for single unit or when angular corrections are needed

Titanium blanks

  • Fix Konisch™ pre-Milled titanium blanks are available for customised single unit abutments

Digital processing by Medigma Biomedical GmBH

Medigma Biomedical GmBH offers service of digital workflow for your dental implant cases. Assistance on scanning and processing of prosthesis through total digital workflow is now available for clinicians.

Final Note

With cleaner implant surface having no residues of titanium or acids, Fix Konisch™ implants demonstrate accelerated healing and osseointegration. They also provide more surface area for optimal contact. The built-in platform switching is definitely an add-on feature that enhances the long-term success and stability. With wide range of prosthetic options which are compatible for digital workflow, Medigma Biomedical GmBH implants and prosthetic solutions should be every clinicians’ choice.

Diameter range: 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.3mm, 5.0mm

Length range: 8mm, 10mm, 11.5mm, 13mm, 15mm, 16mm and 18mm


Siemensstrasse 10, 78564
Wehingen, Germany
Tel.: +49 175 8726995

[email protected]


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