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  • 2 February, 2024

Get Your Free Intraoral Scanner at AEEDC 2024

From February 6th to 8th, 2024, Panda Scanner will hold a lucky lottery at Concourse 1, Stand C22 of AEEDC. Come to the booth and get your PANDA P3 for free!

Additionally, during the AEEDC, Panda Scanner will launch PANDA P4, a wireless intraoral scanner. It weighs 237 grams and can be fully charged in one hour.It can work continuously for one day with the 3 in 1 base or two hours without charging (around 60 cases).

PANDA smart is one of the smallest and lightest intraoral scanners on the market, weighing only 138 grams. PANDA smart is accurate to 7 microns and plug-and-play, providing efficient and reliable scanning.

PANDA P3 is an affordable and high-performance intraoral scanner weighing 228 grams. The whole scanning can be controlled by the button and gyroscope to avoid cross contamination.


For more information Website: http://www.panda-scanner.com/


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