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  • 16 June, 2022

IDEX Istanbul broke not one but two records


The first exhibition organized for the oral and dental industry after a two-year period, IDEX Istanbul – 17th International Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition, reached a record-breaking trade volume. Yielding business agreements worth over 200 million dollars, the exhibition exceeded 76 thousand in the number of international visitors.

One of the foremost events for the global oral and dental industry, IDEX Istanbul broke a record with a business volume of over 200 million dollars. The other record was broken with the number of visitors. Greeting visitors from all corners of the world, IDEX Istanbul welcomed 76.148 buyers, including 24.748 international visitors. According to these figures, the exhibition has become the most efficient trade platform of all the previous editions.

The 17th edition of IDEX Istanbul witnessed a high turnout of buyer delegations from around 100 countries, mainly located in Europe, Africa, the Balkans, Gulf countries, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Middle East.

“The success of the exhibition is not surprising”

Stating that the exhibition, particularly the number of international visitors, is not surprising, CNR Holding Chairwoman Ceyda Erem said, “We estimated that the number of international buyers would be at least 22 thousand, which was the registered number of international buyers according to our international data department. We worked very hard for this exhibition, which demonstrated from day one that it would welcome many more international buyers than all the other exhibitions in Turkey. The exhibition, which was highly efficient in many terms, reached the visitor number of 76.148, which included the international visitor number of around 25 thousand”.

Ceyda Erem also underlined the great importance of long-lasting experience in the achievement of the exhibition and added, “Our devoted professional team, and of course, the greatest investment of the trade fair industry, BIG DATA – BIA system, played an essential role in this achievement. It is such an efficient system that we could form the data of all sector-based buyers from all over the world, particularly the customers who have not established any trade connections with Turkey. Our devoted team of 40 people speaking 8 foreign languages contacted the buyers from the data specially generated for the exhibition and invited them to take part in the exhibition. We reaped the rewards of this system that we implement for all of our exhibitions”.

IDEX Istanbul also stood out with the number of international exhibitors. There is not any other exhibition where such a great number of international companies has exhibited in the history of the Turkish trade fair industry. International companies, realizing the strength of IDEX Istanbul, flocked to the exhibition.

Great interest in the symposium

Welcoming world-renowned academics, IDEX Istanbul hosted a specially-tailored symposium that discusses the past, present, and future of the industry. Innovations and developments in the oral and dental field were demonstrated in practice at the symposium programs. The internationally-acclaimed academics and experts illuminated industry professionals and students about the innovations in the industry.


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