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  • 7 May, 2024

Multimedia Content Marketing For Dentists' Online Visibility & Authority Updated

The Happy Bluebird has updated its omnipresent content creation strategy to help business owners access six of the most popular media formats, with entire content campaigns completed by their professional marketing team.

More information about The Happy Bluebird, content creation strategies for dental professionals, and the founder of The Happy Bluebird, John Laurito, Sr, can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-laurito-sr-832a672a5

Content is now available in 6 formats for each campaign, including an official announcement, an informal blog, a brief podcast, a slideshow, an infographic, and a streaming video. However, The Happy Bluebird's specialists explain that while these campaigns can be run individually, they offer the most comprehensive results when used long-term.

As each new set of articles is placed online on high-authority websites, search engines find that new content has been created about the brand, which is interesting, relevant, and trustworthy. This results in the search algorithms giving each piece of content, and the client’s primary website or sales pages, a boost in the search rankings.

Over the course of several campaigns, this strategy can help clients to rank highly for even the most competitive search terms. Clients can choose to focus on a few keywords, or a wide variety, and The Happy Bluebird's team will generate a selection of content, ready to be approved by the customer before it is placed online.

Unlike traditional ads, the company explains, this content does not expire, and never requires additional payments. The content will stay accessible online indefinitely, helping potential customers to find information about the client.

Customers are encouraged to participate in the planning of their campaigns, but are not required to. While the content creation team accepts suggestions for topics, keywords, and headline, the entire process can also be completed with as little information as just the client’s website URL.

More information about content creation formats, multimedia marketing strategies, and The Happy Bluebird can be found at https://bluebird.clientcabin.com/

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