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  • 25 November, 2022

Planmeca introduces a new patient chair – Planmeca Pro50 Chair


Planmeca Pro50™ Chair is a modern and timeless patient chair featuring all the lightweight and beautiful design details that Planmeca products are known for. The medical grade motors inside the chair ensure noise-free operation, resulting in a quiet working environment for the dental team and a relaxing treatment experience for the patient. The chair is built from durable aluminium, and its comfortable upholstery comes in a wide range of fun and appealing colours.

Planmeca Pro50 Chair offers a wide height range – the patient seat height can be varied between 390 mm and 890 mm. This makes the chair suitable for different users and working styles, allowing dental professionals of all sizes to work sitting or standing. The small chair base leaves plenty of room for two pairs of legs as well as the chair’s foot control and other devices. The slim and narrow backrest allows the dental team to get close to the patient – always in the most ergonomic working position.

For those working with a 12 o’clock cabinet or tray, the chair’s unique lifting mechanism ensures that the distance from the headrest to the cabinet remains the same at every height and the operating light doesn’t need to be readjusted as the chair height changes. The backward-tilted seat ensures optimal patient positioning when moving from a sitting to a supine position. What’s more, the chair has an optional mobile base, making it easy to move to a new treatment room when necessary.

Planmeca Pro50 Chair has a folding legrest that provides easy entry and exit and facilitates face-to-face positioning – a feature that is greatly appreciated in doctor-patient consultations. As patients come in different shapes and sizes, the maximum patient weight for the chair is 185 kg.

Just like all Planmeca products, Planmeca Pro50 Chair is guaranteed to have a long life span. This, combined with its timeless design and sturdy metal construction make it a truly future-proof investment.

“Planmeca has been a major player in the dental industry for half a century already, and we have decades of experience in patient chair design and manufacturing. We listen closely to customer feedback and keep refining our products accordingly. Our product development and manufacturing take place under the same roof at our headquarters in Finland, which makes us very flexible in our processes and allows us to constantly update our portfolio with new products,” says Tuomas Jurvanen, Vice President for Planmeca's Dental Care Units.

source: https://www.planmeca.com/

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