Desentizing Composite Restoration : Evidence based strategies to manage post operative sensitivity after composite restoration

Direct composite restorations offer an aesthetically pleasing and minimally invasive approach to restoring teeth. However, postoperative sensitivity remains a common concern for both patients and dentists. This session will explore various techniques and material advancements to minimize postoperative sensitivity in direct composite restorations. We will discuss the contributing factors to sensitivity, including cavity design, adhesive systems, composite materials, and placement techniques. Additionally, we will delve into specific techniques and materials proven to minimize sensitivity, such as desensitizers, liners, incremental layering, and low-shrinkage composites

Highlights of the webinar 

Webinar would focus on

  1. This session will cover ways to reduce tooth sensitivity after getting a composite restoration.
  2. The session will talk about what causes this sensitivity, such as the design of the cavity, the materials used, and how the restoration is placed.
  3. Ways to reduce sensitivity include using desensitizers, liners, applying the composite in layers, and using low-shrinkage composites.
  4. Pre-treatment, intra-operative and post-operative protocol for prevention and management of post -operative sensitivity
  5. Clinical steps and photographs of the protocol for practical application
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Direct composite restorations offer an aesthetically pleasing and minimally invasive approach to restoring teeth



Dr. Shaili Mehta MDS (Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics)
Dental Webinars General Dentistry
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