Dental Webinars


  • 8 December,2022
Truths and myths of aligner

Learn about newer advances in Orthodontic therapy and know the facts and myths about it.

  • 24 December,2022
Can A General Dentist Treat Babies with Cleft Lip and Palate?

Emphasizing the importance of dental professionals as members of health care team providing holistic treatment for patients with cleft lip and palate.

  • 21 December,2022
Future of Oral Medicine and Radiology specialist in India- Myths and Facts

Scope of oral medicine and radiology in India, let’s break the myths and bring out the facts.

  • 5 April,2023
Lets Plan it and Preserve it for Future : Implant Dentistry

Atraumatic Extraction and minimizing trauma to adjacent hard and soft tissue in Implantology

  • 30 April,2023
Orthognatic Surgery And Its Relation To Postural Change

Learn about the impact of orthognatic surgery on the body posture.

  • 26 May,2023
Veneers- instant dazzling smile makeover

Instant smile makeover by Veneers improve aesthetics and confidence.

  • 5 May,2023
A BDS Practice

An interactive session on how a budding Dentist (BDS) grows into the world of Dentistry.

  • 19 May,2023
Infection Control in Dental Clinics

Infection control in dental clinics to prevent spread of diseases like COVID 19, Hepatitis B, C and HIV from patient to doctor and vice versa.

  • 24 May,2023
Role of platelet concentrates in periodontal surgery

Platelets play a pivotal role in repair and regeneration & their application periodontal surgery has improved the treatment outcomes.

  • 23 June,2023
Universal Surgical Guide

Universal surgical guide to determine the potential intra oral Implant sites with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

  • 27 June,2023
Lasers A Magical Wand In Dentistry

Understanding the basics of Lasers and Application of Soft Tissue Laser In Dental Practice

  • 3 June,2023
Starting Out In Implantology: Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid

Tips and trick to be better in Implantology and avoid any mistakes

  • 30 June,2023
Rehabilitation of resorbed ridges

Tips and Tricks for rehabilitation of Resorbed Ridges for ultimate patient satisfaction.

  • 8 June,2023
Implant Impression

Techniques reproducing the position of implant abutment by implant impressions

  • 6 August,2023
Understanding and predicting periimplantitis A closer look at predisposing factors | World Implant Expo 2023

Explore the latest research and expert analysis to better understand periimplantitis, ensuring optimal oral health for your patients.

  • 3 September,2023
Precision Vision: A practical guide to Dental Loupe selection | World Implant Expo

Selecting the right dental loupe and providing better precision and quality to the patient

  • 17 September,2023
Suturing in Implant dentistry | World Implant Expo 2023

Different suturing methods & materials for closing surgical site in implant dentistry