Introduction to AI in Dentistry

Learn how AI is reshaping the future of dentistry.

This webinar aims to provide an introductory overview of AI applications in dentistry. Attendees will understand the role of AI in improving patient care. The session will also highlight the latest advancements and ethical considerations in AI for dentistry. Participants will gain insights into how AI is shaping the future of dental healthcare and its implications for practitioners and patients. 

What will you learn:

1 - Fundamentals of AI technology and its relevance to dentistry.

2 - Innovative AI tools and techniques used in dental diagnostics and treatment planning.

3 - The impact of AI on patient experience and clinical outcomes.

4 - Ethical considerations and future trends in AI within the dental field.

Sub topics:

1- Understanding AI: Basics and Importance in Dentistry

2- AI in Dental Diagnostics: Tools and Techniques

3-AI-Driven Patient Care

4-Ethical Aspects and Future of AI in Dentistry

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Explore the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in enhancingdental diagnostics, treatment planning & patient care.



Dr. Arjun Chadha B.D.S, MBA, MPH
General Dentistry
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3 months ago

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