• 19 December,2021
Bonding In Dentistry (Part 1)

Learn more about adhesive dentistry : techniques and materials.

  • 26 December,2021
Bonding In Dentistry (Part 2)

Learn more about adhesive dentistry : techniques and materials.

  • 25 October,2023
7 Common Money Mistakes made by UG Dental Students

Financial guide for young and fresh dental graduates and clinicians. Valuable tips to avoid financial mistakes

  • 19 October,2023
3D printing

3d printers and their wide application in clinical & laboratory dentistry.

  • 11 November,2023
How to Use Teledentistry to Boost Your Practice?

This session will explore practical strategies and insights on leveraging teledentistry to enhance and expand your dental practice.

  • 7 November,2023
Demystifying clefts

Cleft Care from diagnosis to treatment options to fully understand the cleft child’s condition & treatment.

  • 20 November,2023
Building a Resilient Practice -The Essential Emergency Fund for Dentists

Emergency fund tailored specifically for dental practices for financial safety net can safeguard our practice's stability and success,

  • 4 December,2023

Obstructive sleep apnea- the dentist’s aspect in the diagnosis and the management.

  • 14 December,2023
General Dentistry and its importance in a private clinical practice

Pros and cons of pursuing an MDS, a general practice vs a specialty

  • 20 January,2024
Ergonomics: Route to Healthy Dentistry

Significance of Ergonomics in the field of dentistry.

  • 11 February,2024
Don’t wait until it hurts. Adopting the right working postures

The dark and narrow space in the oral cavity can cause dental practitioners to adopt an unnatural posture during dental treatment.

  • 18 February,2024
Introduction to AI in Dentistry

Explore the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in enhancingdental diagnostics, treatment planning & patient care.

  • 24 March,2024
Aligner Alchemy: Demystifying the Magic Behind Straight Smiles

To demystify aligner treatments with professional guidance by making orthodontic concepts simplified

  • 7 April,2024
Dental Dams Demystified: Expert Troubleshooting Tips for Success

Unlock the Secrets of Seamless Dentistry: Join our exclusive webinar on 'Rubber Dam Troubleshooting Tips.

  • 16 March,2024
Implant Occlusion

It specifically deals with the occlusion to be given for implant prosthesis, that would increase the longevity & survival of prosthesis as well as implant

  • 28 February,2024
Power of beautiful Smile- Exploring the world of smile design Q & A Session

For all those wanting to know the intricacies of creating / recreating a dazzling smile , this Q&A session is for you .

  • 17 March,2024
Hypochlorite Accident: Unwanted Outcome

This webinar will emphasize completely on sodium hypochlorite accident.

  • 24 March,2024
The Enigma of Wisdom Teeth Management

This lecture will emphasize the importance of surgical anatomy and the management of impacted third molars.

  • 14 April,2024
Importance of Jaw Relation on Establishment of Oral Health in Partial and Completely Edentulous Persons

Balancing tooth surface loss and facial height in dental rehabilitation for optimal esthetics and function.

  • 26 April,2024
Exploring Oral Pathology -A beginner's Guide

This lecture will help by providing suggestions and techniques for acing the post-graduation journey.


  • 15 March,2024
No Drill Protocol in Implant Dentistry | Magnetic Technology using Magnetic Mallet in Modern Implantology

The Magnetic Mallet serves in routine surgical protocols and advanced procedures, simplifying tasks by preserving bone integrity.

In Person Events

  • 14 February,2024
Apec Dhaka 2025

The 23rd Scientific Congress of Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation

  • 14 February,2025
Apec Dhaka 2025

The 23rd Scientific Congress of Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation