• 7 January,2023
The Foundation of Dental Implants: A Periodontal Perspective

Periodontal stability around implant is the key to success, with preoperative diagnosis and prognosis being the critical factors.

  • 20 December,2022
Gingival recession and root coverage procedures

Learn about gingival recession and the root coverage procedures

  • 1 December,2023
Artificial Intelligence in Periodontics-A dip in future

Artificial Intelligence(AI) for improved quality of diagnosis and early detection of disease

  • 13 December,2023
Low level laser therapy in periodontology

Treatment approach by low level lasers in periodontics

  • 18 May,2024
Gingival Depigmentation: The Hidden Art in Smile Designing!

The topic focuses on the pivotal role of gingival depigmentation in enhancing smile aesthetics.