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  • 5 July, 2022

The Magic Gas- a revolution in Dentistry

Author - Dr. Aditi Nanda

Introduction - Sometimes all you need is a change of air. There comes the magic gas, commonly known as tri-oxygen or ozone.  It’s a naturally occurring compound consisting of three oxygen atoms. It’s properties of high oxidative potential and high biocompatibility at lower concentrations have led its way to therapeutics.

Ozone therapy is an off- shoot of holistic approach in dentistry. It’s a versatile bio-oxidative therapy inn which O2/ O3 is administered via gas, water or oil base to obtain therapeutic benefits.

History- The history of ozone therapy dates back to the times of world war- I, where it was used treating gangrene, infected wounds, burns and fistulas. Dr. E.A Fisch was the first dentist to use Ozone in practice in 1932.

Mechanism of action- Ozone has three major courses of action. The first and the most effective one being its anti-microbial effect. It disrupts the bacterial cell wall by oxidation of phospholipids and lipoproteins. It inhibits fungal growth in the budding stage itself. And its damages the viral capsid and upsets its reproductive cycle. It therefore wooshes all the three prime pathogens- the bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Ozone’s second effect is its healing potential. It stimulates RBC glycolysis and hence leads to increase in the amount of O2 released in the tissues.

It is interesting to know that ozone has an immune-stimulatory action as well. It causes increased production of interferons and TNF.

The raw and naturally occurring ozone has to be processed with oxygen to make it medically graded ozone. The clinically used gaseous form is available with the composition of 97.5 % pure oxygen and 2.5% pure ozone, whereas the oil or water-based systems have ozone concentrations of 4-6 mg/L.

Applications - Ozone is used in almost every branch of dentistry. When used in conservative, it showed 99.5 % reduction in cariogenic bacteria after a mere usage of 20 secs. The reduction led to decreased occurrence of secondary caries. Ozone has also been used for the treatment of periodontal pockets and has shown some quite positive results. It is also gaining attention for its use as a root canal irrigant. It has so far shown equivalent outcomes as the currently used agent- Sodium hypochlorite.  In the branch of oral surgery, it has successfully prevented the incidence of dry socket when used for socket irrigation, post extraction. The two most common oral lesions, herpes labialis and aphthous ulcers have shown regression after treatment with ozone oil.

Ozone therapy is showing promising results as a treatment option for peri-impantitis and as a potential bleaching agent as well.

It has multiple benefits over the conventionally used treatments. Its more biocompatible, has lesser side effects, gives us a more conservative approach and shortens the duration of treatment as well.

Conclusion- After all said and done, we still have some bridges to cross. We are yet to make ozone therapy as cost- effective option. And we still are to solve the issue of its shorter shelf life (1 hour). But there is light past the tunnel and the day is not far off when ozone therapy will be available in each and every dental set-up in India.

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