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  • 10 December, 2022

Unicorn Denmart Introduces Xpect Vision Intraoral Sensor - Worlds First Photon Counting Technology


Expodent International 2022- Delhi has been one of the long-awaited programs for Pan-India Dentist and Unicorn Denmart has been actively participating in the Expodent program since long.

Unicorn Denmart has launched a new Intraoral Sensor named as Xpect Vision which is based on high-end technology and with sleek ergonomic. Xpect Vision is the world’s first to apply the latest PHOTON-COUNTING TECHNOLOGY to dentistry, enabling direct imaging, avoiding the interference of light scattering from conventional indirect imaging and ensuring image acquisition stability.

It is one of the Thinnest X-Ray Sensors with sleek design and convenient size of 1.5 mm with thickness of 5 mm. Xpect Vision sensor has a more compact design while guaranteeing an adequate sensor area with effective imaging area of 25mm x 30mm. The tough-end sensor is water proof attached with high-strength and durable cable wire having length of 3mm. Technically, it has a gray scale of 16 bits thereby, resulting in refined Image quality which is highest in any available sensor in the market.  It has been provided with User-friendly software and images can be adjusted with contrast and brightness to meet different clinical requirements along with availability of unique Reporting feature. Images are DICOM compatible with image format available in BMP/DIR/DCM/JPEG/PNG/TIFF files.

Along with the leading technical qualities, it has been equipped with accessories such as Sensor holder, positioner and sleeves. Sensor positioners would help in quick positioning, reducing patients’ discomfort and improving diagnostic efficiency.

Xpect Vision has introduced the product having strong technical background with elite software features.

Unicorn Denmart has been the first choice for the dental products among Indian Dentists. Along with availability of dental equipment, unicorn is also providing the required services to the Dentists who are associated with us. Unicorn has been dealing with ample number of products and has kept updating with the growing technology. Unicorn Denmart has been dealing with all the branded and advanced Dental Chairs, Compressor, Suction, Autoclave, Radiological equipment, Lasers and latest CAD-CAM technology as well.

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