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  • 29 May, 2023

vhf camfacture AG wins prestigious German Innovation Award 2023 in gold


Ammerbuch, May 26, 2023 - The globally recognized German Design Council has honored vhf with the German Innovation Award 2023 in the category Medical Technologies in Gold. The jury awarded the innovative dental milling machines E5 and E4 of the new EASE CLASS by vhf in combination with the patent pending AIR-TOOL. The official award ceremony took place on May 23, 2023 in Berlin and was celebrated in the presence of numerous representatives from politics, business and society.

The EASE CLASS was presented to the world public by vhf only a few weeks ago and can already boast a highly esteemed and widely known award with the German Innovation Award 2023 in Gold. Looking at 650 entries from 22 countries, vhf succeeds in making an excellent start for the new E5 and E4 dental milling machines. "We were aware that the new product line in combination with the novel AIRTOOL would be a groundbreaking innova-tion for the dental industry," says Lucas Kehl, Head of Product at vhf camfacture AG. "We are all the more pleased that this was also assessed by the independent expert jury of the German Innovation Awards and honored accordingly. For vhf and the EASE CLASS, this is a huge success and a great recognition for the development work of several years. We are all really proud of this. Furthermore, the award is another proof for the innovative strength of vhf and at the same time incentive and motivation for us to develop many more innovations made in Germany, true to our motto Creating Perfection".


The EASE CLASS from vhf stands for high-quality dental restorations in combination with simplicity. The special feature of the five-axis circular milling machine E5 and the four-axis wet grinding machine E4 is that the two dental milling machines do not require any com-pressed air at all. This is made possible by the innovative AIRTOOL, for which vhf has applied for a patent: a dental milling tool equipped with turbine blades that generates a strong air flow due to the high speeds of the high-frequency spindle. In this way, the workpiece re-mains free of chips and dust. The absence of an external compressed air connection or built-in compressor gives the E5 and E4 dental milling machines several advantages at once: they are comparatively light and compact. They offer maximum freedom in the choice of installation location. And they prove cost-efficient to purchase and operate without compromising on quality. In combination with the intuitively operated DENTALCAM software, the vhf E5 and E4, together with the ingenious AIRTOOL, represent an all-round successful entry for dental technicians, practice labs and laboratories and enable an easy digital workflow.

Lucas Kehl, Head of Product, vhf camfacture AG proudly presents the German Innovation
Award 2023 in Gold at the award ceremony in Berlin. The jury awarded the innovative
dental milling machines E5 and E4 of the new EASE CLASS from vhf in combination with
the patent pending AIRTOOL.


About vhf

vhf is a leading manufacturer of modern CNC milling machines and high-quality milling tools as well as a provider of intuitive CAM software. The proven mechanical engineering specialist with headquarters in Ammerbuch near Stuttgart has been offering complete milling solutions for more than 35 years – and all from one source. With international locations in New York and Shanghai, the vhf group currently employs more than 350 people and has successfully established itself as a solution provider for CNC manufacturing in the dental sector and in the advertising technology sector, as well as in industry. In Baden-Württemberg, vhf develops, designs and produces all machines and precision tools at the main lo-cation itself. True to the motto Creating Perfection, this means for vhf customers best quality made in Germany paired with excellent service and support.


vhf camfacture AG ∙ Lettenstrasse 10 ∙ D-72119 Ammerbuch ∙ Germany

+49 7032 97097 000 ∙ [email protected] ∙ vhf.com

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