Upcoming Webinars

  • 5 July,2022
What after BDS

Study options for foreign graduates in USA and Canada

  • 10 July,2022
Laboratory procedures in Cast Partial Denture

This webinar bring about the clear awareness about the Cast Partial Denture is one of the technique for restoring the lost teeth

  • 16 July,2022
Periodontal disease and systemic conditions: a bidirectional relationship

This webinar brings awareness about the inter relationships of periodontal disease and other systemic conditions

  • 24 July,2022
Retention in Orthodontics- Tips and Tricks for successful retention

The importance of retention after orthodontic treatment, indications of various types of retention

  • 7 August,2022
Simplifying Pocket Elimination

Treatment of periodontal pockets- the root cause behind periodontitis

  • 13 August,2022
Treating primary incisors- Let’s add shine to those tiny smiles

Treatment of primary incisors through conservative, endodontic and aesthetic means.

  • 28 August,2022
Fourth Dimesion In Orthodontics : Why Timing Is Important

Orthodontics or braces treatment can be done at All ages while growing ages offer maximum predictability with stable results.

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Past Webinars

  • 13 March,2022
Hair Transplant Surgery

A new career dimension for dental practitioners.

  • 13 March,2022
Infection Control In Dental Clinics

The steps taken for infection control and prevention from the point of a dental set-up.

  • 13 March,2022
Introduction of Laser dentistry in daily dental practice

more about the uses of laser dentistry in everyday practice.

  • 12 March,2022
The basics of root coverage procedures in periodontology

Learn more about root recession causes and their treatment using root coverage techniques.

  • 12 March,2022
Focus On The Gender Shift In Dentistry: A New Perspective Or A Future Challenge?

Learn more about gender shift in dentistry : Is there any difference in perspectives, visions and challenges between men and women?

  • 12 March,2022
Tooth Preparations – Back to the basics

Learn important Clinical Tips for Predictable Outcomes!

  • 27 February,2022
The Art Of Interpreting Various Shades Of Grey

Certain types of dental diseases are difficult to visualize intraorally, and therefore, the diagnosis need to be made based solely on the radiographs.

  • 27 February,2022
Precision Attachments

Instead of conventional RPD designs, here comes the attachments which are more comfortable for the patients and also increase the functional stability of the pr


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