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  • 11 December, 2023

WIE 2023 was the synergistic outcome of scientific partner, Smile USA & the corporate enterprise

WIE 2023 was the synergistic outcome of scientific partner, Smile USA & the corporate enterprise, Dentist Channel Online. The conference, Chaired by Dr. Shankar Iyer,  was conducted from 26th – 28th November, 2023 and showed  the commitment of dentists to render pragmatic, purely scientific solutions to implant complications, in the most unbiased manner.  The other members of the organizing team comprised of, Prof.(Dr.) Mahesh Verma (The patron), Dr. Aditi Nanda (Chair, scientific committee),  Mr. Melvin Mendonca (Chief executive officer), and Mr. Aboobakar Siddiq (Chief operating officer).

The strength of the conference was the specially curated scientific sessions on the various specialties related to implant dentistry. With almost 40 speakers from various countries like India, the USA, Egypt, Greece, and the UAE, the conference stands out as the sole scientific event in the prevailing times, that focuses on the critical topic of dental implant complications.

The unrestricted sharing of information among the delegates and presenters, contributed to a smooth exchange of knowledge and experiences for over 400 dental implant practitioners from diverse backgrounds and nations. Speakers dwelled into subjects related to bone & gum issues, material science, crown, bridge, & dentures used in the rehabilitation of dental implants, and digital technology that has been revamping the landscape of implant care. The scientific deliberations comprised of podium lectures, table-clinics, hands-on workshops & exciting panel discussions, all adding immensely to knowledge and skill set. The delegates and participants from various cities of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE,  Canada, and USA took back volumes of information on implant care.

Aside from the podium lectures, the conference gave a chance for the attendees to improvise on their surgical and prosthetic dexterity, as well as gain distinct diagnostic perspectives through 15 well-conducted hands-on and interactive workshops. Each of the workshops was lead by dedicated mentors who showed utmost commitment to teaching the participants on numerous aspects of implantology.

The conference also ensured that the practitioners were provided a plethora of options to implant related materials and inventory. The organizing committee left no stone unturned and ensured the best of commercial product line up for the attendees in order to bridge the chasm between the knowledge gained and practical execution. The representatives of nearly 40 commercial sponsors showed unwavering commitment to join hands with the implant  practitioners as they braved the adverse weather conditions on all 3 days! Aside from this, the Organisers also arranged for a dedicated Lab day, where in a field tour to India’s largest dental Lab. , Dentcare was arranged. The participants gained deep insights into various nuances of Laboratory support for not just implants but entire dentistry in a well organized tour!

The conference also set the stage for aspiring implant dentists to showcase their innovations and solutions to challenges in implant care and service. Nearly 8 postgraduate colleges participated in a poster competition. The best posters were awarded to 3 participants out of 21 posters presented.  Winners belonged to Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences.

The immeasurable impact of the conference is evident in the extensive outreach across the shores of  India as well as the diverse generations of dentists and implant practitioner. With the whole being greater than sum of the parts , it is safe to say that the conference accomplished several scientific goals through the lavish spread of scientific exhibits in the year 2023, and lived up well to the aptly thought name of “ World Implant Expo 2023”.

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