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  • 12 November, 2022

Dentsply Sirona partners with NSU College of Dental Medicine to open state-of-the-art training facility


Charlotte. The collaboration between NSU College of Dental Medicine and Dentsply Sirona International Special Clinic Solutions was born out of two years of comprehensive planning and an investment in Dentsply Sirona’s cutting-edge digital technologies to incorporate into the teaching center. NSU students will be able to train under practice-like conditions, benefit from interactive teaching methods, and become familiar with digital dentistry workflows for a seamless transition into real-world practice.

The facility features a number of innovative solutions from Dentsply Sirona, including 64 Intego Pro treatment centers, 38 simulation workstations including the EBS multimedia system for enhanced communication in the classroom, 37 Heliodent Plus intraoral X-Ray units, one fully loaded Axeos, Dentsply Sirona’s newest 2D/3D X-Ray system, an Orthophos E 2D, CEREC Primescan and Primemill units, inLab MC X5s, inLab Profire machines, a Speedfire, Midwest handpieces and motors, endodontic attachments and files, and preventative ultrasonics.

“This state-of-the-art, fully digitalized facility is a testament to the shared vision and goals of NSU College of Dental Medicine and Dentsply Sirona,” said Dr. Steven Kaltman, Dean of NSU College of Dental Medicine. “Through our ongoing commitment to innovation, we can continue to advance oral healthcare and dental education for years to come. We are honored to have Dentsply Sirona as a loyal partner and appreciate its tremendous support of our academic mission and students over the years.”

Dentsply Sirona International Special Clinic Solutions – the premium partner for clinic planning

The entire planning and outfitting process for this new training facility was done by Dentsply Sirona International Special Clinic Solutions. The comprehensive project included 2D and 3D design assistance to help bring the project to life during early planning stages and tailor-made educational solutions from Dentsply Sirona’s extensive product portfolio.

With more than 60 years of experience providing educational solutions, Dentsply Sirona partners with universities and clinics around the world to ensure future dentists have access to learning environments and digital tools that reflect the conditions of modern dentistry practices.   

“Supporting the next generation of dental professionals means ensuring they have access to the highest quality tools and equipment during their training,” says Joerg Vogel, VP of Dentsply International Special Sirona Clinic Solutions. “We are proud to partner with leading educational institutions like NSU College of Dentistry to bring that vision to life. With reliable simulation units and treatment centers, as well as modern digital dentistry solutions, students from NSU will be well prepared to provide the best care for their future patients.”

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