Orbital Cellulitis As A Complication Of Odontogenic Infection


This paper aimed to expose the guideline treatment of orbital cellulitis as a complication of odontogenic infection. It reported one case of orbital cellulitis in the emergency unit of Hasan Sadikin hospital Bandung, with complaints of pain, swelling at cheek and periorbital region, and the history of toothache. The treatment include incision drainage, extraction of tooth, and parenteral administration of antibiotic and analgesic. Odontogenic infections are derived from dental infection and can potentially spread rapidly to be ascending infection like orbital cellulitis. Odontogenic infection and orbital cellulitis should be adequately treated with incision drainage, extraction of tooth and parenteral administration of antibiotic, steroid and analgesic. Without immediate treatment, odontogenic infection can lead to ascending infection. 


  • Odontogenic infection and pathogenesis  
  • Spreading caused by odontogenic infection especially ascending infection  
  • Management of orbital cellulitis 

DATE:  30.10.2022 Sunday  

TIME:  11:30am IST / 3:00pm KST / 1:00pm (Indonesia)  


Dr. Puji Yuli Christiani Purba Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Consultant of Trauma Oral and Maxillofacial and TMJ Disorder
Oral Medicine and Pathology
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orbital cellulitis radiology
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