• 20January, 2022

  • 15January, 2022
World Dental Show -2022

IDA Brings 12th Annual World Dental Show

  • 14January, 2022
Preventive Methods Of White Spot Lesions Development During Fixed Orthodontic Treatment

Learn how to prevent the appearance of WSL during the orthodontic treatment.

  • 8January, 2022
Bone Grafting In Implant Dentistry

Learn more about bone grafting during implant procedures : bone grafting materials and surgical techniques.

  • 7January, 2022
A Good Call For Extraction Or Non-extraction Therapy In Orthodontics

Learn more about tooth extractions in orthodontics : when and why?

  • 6January, 2022
Comprehensive Implantology Course

Learn Art And Science Of Implantology In 5 Days.

  • 2January, 2022
Vital Pulp Therapy For Mature Permanent Teeth With Irreversible Pulpitis And Periapical Rarefaction - Is It Working

Learn About The New Dimension In The Treatment Of Permanent Teeeth

  • 2January, 2022
Alternative Anterior Restoration To Achieve Aesthetic Result

Learn how to manage anterior restorations : aesthetically and functionally.

  • 27December, 2021
Demystifying The Basic Implantology

Learn about the basic implantology.

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