Upcoming Events

  • 12 August,2022
Comparison between intraoral scanners and conventional impression techniques

With digital dentistry overshadowing conventional techniques, its essential for the dental community to know the benefits and limitations

  • 13 August,2022
Treating primary incisors- Let’s add shine to those tiny smiles

Treatment of primary incisors through conservative, endodontic and aesthetic means.

  • 14 August,2022
Periodontics Its much beyond just Scaling

Scope of many periodontal treatments in a patients which might be routinely missed out and can cause a lot of endodontic and prosthodontic failures

  • 17 August,2022
Comprehensive Implantology Workshop | 4 Days

Learn the biomechanics of implants and skill development for implant based oral rehabilitation

  • 18 August,2022
Optimizing Mechanical Plaque Control – Evidence Based Approach for Clinical Practice

An insight into current trends and evidences on mechanical plaque control measures for dental biofilm management.

  • 19 August,2022
Cortico- Basal Implantology - 3 days extensive course | Aug 19-21

Get immediate implant solutions including basal and bi-cortical implant designs.

  • 27 August,2022
Kedda Dental Expo 2022

The largest and the wide- reaching dental trade fair is here! Coming this August, the KEDDA Dental Expo 2022.

  • 28 August,2022
Fourth Dimesion In Orthodontics : Why Timing Is Important

Orthodontics or braces treatment can be done at All ages while growing ages offer maximum predictability with stable results.

  • 8 September,2022
WARSAW Dental Medica Show(September 8 – 10, 2022)

International Fair and Congress Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine

  • 24 September,2022
Expodent 2022 Bengaluru | ADITI

Biggest Dental Exhibition of India, now in Bengaluru – visit and explore for best offers on dental equipment and products

  • 6 October,2022
Sofia Dental Meeting | 2022

3 intense days of lectures, live demonstrations, workshops, and dental exhibition!

  • 13 October,2022
SMILECON 2022 – Annual Meeting, Houston

Come together for SMILECON 2022 at Houston to meet, play and learn

  • 18 November,2022
International Digital Dentistry and Implantology Conclave 2022

Biggest and first ever digital dentistry conference in India is being organised by Indian Society of Digital Dentistry

  • 7 February,2023
AEEDC Dubai 2023 7th– 9th February 2023

The Largest Annual Scientific Dental Conference And Exhibition In The World

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Past Events

  • 7 August,2022
Simplifying Pocket Elimination

Treatment of periodontal pockets- the root cause behind periodontitis

  • 31 July,2022
Endodntic Reincarnation- Giving A New Lease Of Life

Non-surgical endodontic retreatment re-establishes periapical health and prolongs tooth life.

  • 30 July,2022
The Hyderabad Dental Show

It is a leading dental show where you will experience the wheel of ample opportunities and offers

  • 24 July,2022
Retention in Orthodontics- Tips and Tricks for successful retention

The importance of retention after orthodontic treatment, indications of various types of retention

  • 24 July,2022
Digital Technology and Employment in Healthcare sector

Be your own boss, find more employment and enhance your income. Healthlancing a new era in dental practice

  • 23 July,2022
Partial VS Complete Caries Removal When, Why and How

Learn more about partial caries removal : advantages, indications, limitations and criteria of success.

  • 22 July,2022
6th International Conference on Cortico Basal Implantology

This conference will cover the wide arrays and possibilities of cortico basal implantology

  • 16 July,2022
Periodontal disease and systemic conditions: a bidirectional relationship

This webinar brings awareness about the inter relationships of periodontal disease and other systemic conditions

  • 16 July,2022
The Delhi Dental Show-2022

Here we are, with a golden chance for you to meet and interact with leading dental exhibitors, experts, & much more, only at The Delhi Dental Show!


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