Principals of Radiographic interpretation

Interpretation of dental radiographs is fairly straightforward, with a handful of common patterns making up the majority of pathology. When performing a radiologic examination that viewed dental  radiograph for diagnosis purpose.

Highlights  :-

1. Radiologic interpretation is a complex process which involves the application of an appropriate algorithm in the study of radiologic images and the ability to understand the meaning and to weight the various findings, ultimately contributing to diagnosis.

2. Prerequisites include the knowledge of orofacial radiologic anatomy and the various pathoses which may arise or manifest in this region of the body.

3. An understanding of the strengths and limitations of the modality employed is also essential.

4. The process of interrogating radiologic images for abnormalities varies, depending on the modality. teeth and great deal about supporting bone  is obtained from radiographic interpretation

5. It enables  the dental professional to play vital role in the detection  the radiologic examination of abnormalities which affect the jaws, primarily in relation to plain 2-D imaging that cannot be identified  clinically

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It enables the dental professional to play vital role in the detection



Dr. Tarun Vyas MDS in Oral Medicine and Radiology
Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology
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