1st Global Conference on Basal Implantology | Mono Implant

One of the long – awaited Implant conventions is finally here! The International Foundation For Implant Dentistry (IFFID) in collaboration with the Aim Academy is bringing us the 1st Global Conference on Basal Implantology, only in Bangalore, this June. A wide and deep exposure to the world of implants, with understanding of every minor but amazing detail will be there. Below given is everything you’d need to know about this mega- event.

Theme- Cortico-Basal Implantology- “a Biological Blessing

Conference Highlights

  1. Pre-conference courses
  2. Scientific sessions
  3. Trade Exhibition
  4. Gala Dinner

Pre-conference Course

Extensive 3-day course on Cortical Implantology

  • Live Surgeries
  • Hands-on on models
  • Extensive Lectures
  • One on one discussions
  • Lecture on prosthetics
  • Certification Ceremony

Course Fee- 65000/- (Complimentary- Advanced Surgical Kit)

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Scientific Sessions:

  • Immediate Implantology Today
  • Cortical Implants & Conventional Implantology.
  • Peri-Implantitis-free – With cortical implants
  • Stable Corticals-Finding them right way
  • Special designs bi-cortical single piece implants
  • Occlusion concepts
  • Esthetics Retrievability
  • Errors -Trouble Shooting in cortical Implantology
  • Future of cortical Implantology
  • Controversies in cortical Implantology – Seeing them in right way



  • Dr. Veerendra Kumar SC
  • T K Pal
  • Rohan Virani
  • Abhijeet Singh
  • Sachin Lodha
  • Bharath Kumar Jayam
  • Rajesh Sharma
  • S B Manjunath
  • Ashish Sethi
  • Ankur Prajapati
  • Chethanya Nemali
  • Krishna Chaitanya
  • Shivkumar
  • Geeta Priyadarshini
  • Afsar Shareef
  • Prachi Gupta
  • Rimmi Shekhawat
  • Vishawnath Patel


  • Marco Pasqualini (Italy)
  • Luca Dal Cargo (Italy)
  • Ahmed Hindy (Iraq)
  • Dario Castro (Spain)
  • Shmoylov Andre (Russia)
  • Lungu Ovidiu (Romania)

Venue: Conrad, Bangalore, India.

About Conrad : The Conrad, Bangalore, is the city’s most distinguished luxury hotel, set in the heart of India’s Silicon Valley, a hub for international business & technology, the 5-Star Luxury Hotel boasts of modern facilities & a resort like feel with luscious greens & magnificent waterscapes.

Dates- 16th to 18th June, 2023

Organizers – International Foundation For Implant Dentistry (IFFID)


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Know more : +91 8277048666 / +91 8277046222 / +91 8277038080

Note- 100% Refund on Cancellation upto 31st April, 2023.

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Bangalore: the silicon valley of India is a kaleidoscopic city that has set up a strong foot & name in the South of India, specially in the past two decades. It’s best of both worlds of technology, historical palaces and museums and definitely some exotic and thrilling wild life when it comes to it’s suburbs. One shouldn’t miss the chance to visit this city where hopes and dreams come to life. This conference is going be a life changer for many of us, and so will be visiting Bangalore. See you all soon.  

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In Person
  Start Date

16 June, 2023 09:00 am

  End Date

18 June, 2023 06:00 pm


Bangalore - India

  Organized By




( Includes - Lunch, Dinner, Conference, Banquet, Gift & Certificate )


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